Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Demonic forces; dreams; end times

A demonic spirit attacked me in my sleep last night and broke my rosary... I wanted to go ahead and use this as an opportunity to share the real ness of evil in our...

Biblical meaning of feces in a dream (Feces dream meaning)

What is the biblical meaning of feces in a dream? In this video, I’d like to interpret this dream from a Biblical point of view as that is what one of our followers in the...

DREAM OF CHASING SOMEONE – Find out The Biblical and Spiritual Meaning

#DreamAboutBeingChased #ChasingSomeoneDream If you are being chased either by rats, cats, lizard, masquerade, death etc, as long as your inner spirit is troubled, you are under severe demonic attack and monitoring. Perhaps the evil powers...


This dream is liked with the end time weather bible prophecy Isaiah 29:6 and 30. Job 37:13 source

Kid Prophecy – Prophecy Dreams

Instagram: braindeadpete Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/pete.sanchez.9693. source

"I'm giving you a gift" Prophetic Word 09 April 2020

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End Time storm dream Prophecy rapture

I dreamed this in 2018 or 2019 source

Prophecy: Dreams and Visions

October 27, 2019 Prophecy: Dreams and Visions Series: Come Holy Spirit Gina Gardner Coast Vineyard www.coastvineyard.org. source

Hearing God's Voice through Dreams (part 1): Daydreams and Imagination

God speaks to us in personal and creative ways. He speaks into our minds while we are awake and asleep.Through daydreams and night parables. He is present in our thoughts, hopes, daydreams, and slumber. source

PROPHETIC DREAM, Caught off guard.

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