Saturday, July 31, 2021


In this video I mainly voice questions that I'm pondering on my walk and invite my audience to share their perspectives. What's a new convert to think about ... source

TBN Interview…Dreams, Visions and Prophecy

Impartation of Dreams, Visions and Prophecy. source

I Had A Dream *Jesus Is Coming Back Soon*

I’ve never shared any dream that I’ve had like this.the dream starts at 3:51 if you want to skip to the dream !!😊 source

A Prophetic Dream about South Africa – Great upheaval and attacks on Christians

I share in this video a prophetic dream I had recently about either the nation of South Africa or the greater region that makes up part of the continent of Africa that ... source

Dream Series – Part 1 With Andi Andrew

Calling all DREAMERS! I'm putting a short series together so that we learn more about dreams, how to interpret them and what to do with them. In this first video I ... source

Chasing the Dream: Jesus For All People

It’s not my dream It’s not yours But we’ve been asked to dream along To chase something bigger than we could ever imagine This is His dream! It’s always been His dream! And we’re chasing after it with everything we’ve...

Right Before The Rapture Events! Dreams & Visions!

Visit ENDTIME DREAM AND VISION OFFICIAL WEBSITE!! Watch videos and post dreams and visions! Watch the LAST TRUMP 2020 PROPHECIES and more! source

Rapture 2020 Israel's Rabbi Expecting The Arrival Of Messiah Antichrist Jesus Coming Soon...

Christian, rapture, religion, heaven, hell, God, Jesus, God is real, God is coming, Atheists, information, news, preaching, coronavirus, Plagues, music, Don't be ... source