Wednesday, January 27, 2021

Hillary DISQUALIFIED & All Credibility LOST – Audio recording of RIGGED Election Proves it!

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MANDELBROT: "Secret God Code" or Occult Pantheistic Deception?

Arthur C Clarke - Fractals - The Colors Of Infinity: Dr. Jason Lisle | The Secret Code of Creation : "Upload to the Heavens": Cosmism, Transhumanism, & Flat Earth Cosmology: ATOMISM: The Occult Origins...

Flat Earth vs. Evolution's Sliding Scale of Mockery

Creationism does not receive credit by atheistic Evolutionists simply because they believe in a globe, or the Copernican universe, or even if, like good ol' Pat Robertson, they have gone so far as to...

Bombshell Dropped! Hillary Clinton ENDORSED Trump for PRESIDENT! Same coin 2 Faces

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Thinking Outside the Cosmic Cage… (Canary Cry Radio: the Aethereal episode)

My interview w/ Gonz and Basil on Canary Cry Radio: Most Recent Space Fails (Flat Earth Brothers) AETHEREAL: The Battle for Heaven and Earth - Canaries Can't Cry in Space: AI/aliens, Cosmic Heretics &...

Must SEE! Lady Gaga & Jay Z Caught in Bizarre Satanic Ritual

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Magic for the Muggles: Code Wands, Quantum Prayer & the "Shady Dealer"…

The Secrets of Quantum Physics (Jim Al-Kalalili) Rethinking Prayer: What Quantum Physics & Neuroplasticity Teach About Praying (false teaching by Doug Hamp) World's First Programmable Magic Wand: Aethereal - The Battle for Heaven and...

A future Hope worth far more than this not-so-giving "tree"… "The Year 1999 A.D." The Spirit of Social Credit" ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Email me at: ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Thank you for supporting this channel on Paypal & Patreon: source

The END of the WORLD – Bible PROPHECY! Scary Times To be Alive! NWO...

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The "QUANTUM NET": Is it already upon us…? (Fujitsu Digital Annealer)

"Quantum-inspired" computing: The Fujitsu Digital Annealer: "The Devil and You" (by OTG Ministry) featuring David Pawson source