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  1. I like your spiritual Videos!! But now you are also jumping on the Alex Jones Agent conspiracy!! Alex is a true believer, and a patriot!! There is NO EVIDENCE that he is an Agent. In fact the msm is trying to bring him down for decades!! Recongnice a true hero and believer when you see one!! Stay out of politics, its not your field. You are doing great on the road you are travelling!! No need to go into Politics…

  2. I know what you are saying. Decades ago you could trust the news -journalists, + experts, agreed on a topic but today it’s like the public is manipulated to think one way.
    You wonder if it’s the right way…if there is a right way or if the way you now think is wrong!
    I usually take Tylenol for the headache I end up with + go to bed still confused!!!

  3. Making A Long Story SHORT, ManKind Should respect one another, and treat all as equal, but no, we all have been brain washed by the IDEA of SPORT, some one wins, some must loose, sounds common.

  4. U have changed up so many times bro just stop assuming. U said trump and hillary was the same coin. Remember that video? Now u say trump and hillary are completely differnernt. Just stop pls


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