As the demand for exorcism continues to rise all around the world, the end of materialism in institutions of education might be at hand. And, the DHS’s disturbing plan to desecrate privacy of anyone who produces content online. Make sure to subscribe, share, and receive our extended reports HERE to get an extra episode of CCNT every week!


Flippy’s Back!


Psychiatry Suggesting Demon Possession Real


DHS’s Disturbing Database



  1. 13ish minutes in, you quoted the Pope as saying the devil devours souls like a lion. Interesting animal to choose as a lion is not quite the masterful hunter and some what lazy comparatively, classicly refered to as a leopard that is sneaky yada yada but also has metaphysical properties aligned with hidden mysteries, confusion, and magic , three specific things not associated with God, but an animal associated with God that is applicable to this Pope quote that came to mind is the LION OF JUDAH!! Haha crazy Pope.

  2. I'd pay good money to see that luciferian Pope cast out a demon. Satan can't cast out Satan. That goes for all the pedophiles working under him as well. If someone is battling the demonic, they need to find a credible Christian ministry who DOES NOT charge money to do it.


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