This week, the Government wants to backdoor Facebook…Messenger; and the stage is set for the world to divide over killer robots. Plus, fringe worlds collide as a rag internet site writes a hit piece on a friend of the show using fake news sources! What in the world is going on? If you want MORE, Become a Patron, join the exclusive community, and receive Extended Reports of CCNT every week!


AGG for the WEEK OF Aug 15- Aug 21


Cohen pleads guilty, implicates Trump in hush-money scheme

YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST FOLKS! (Updates on stories)

Carnegie Mellon researchers create the most convincing deepfakes yet | VentureBeat

Man sues over Google’s “Location History” fiasco, case could affect millions – Ars Technica



China Is Leading in Artificial Intelligence–and American Businesses Should Take Note |

Here’s the funniest, most scathing, most informative and most useful talk on AI and security / Boing Boing

Keeping artificial intelligence accountable to humans | TechCrunch

Gartner says AI and biohacking will shape the future of tech – SiliconANGLE

To hone its collaborative skills, this AI is taking on the world’s top video game players | Science | AAAS

A.I. in diabetes care: Can we trust it if we don’t know how it works?

AI could make dodgy lip sync dubbing a thing of the past

AI will try to paint what you tell it to, often generating surreal horrors / Boing Boing

Christie’s Will Be the First Auction House to Sell Art Made by Artificial Intelligence | Smart News | Smithsonian

Artificial General Intelligence Is Here, and Impala Is Its Name – ExtremeTech

Nvidia is using AI in chips to make video games even more realistic – MIT Technology Review

Electric flight is coming, but the batteries aren’t ready – The Verge



Social Distortion Frontman Mike Ness Accused Of Attacking Trump Supporter – CBS Sacramento

Man Attacked By Antifa For Holding ‘Fascist’ American Flag Turns Out To Be Bernie Supporter



AI robots to help teach English in 500 classrooms next year – Japan Today

Video Tuesday: Robot Film Festival Highlights – IEEE Spectrum

Robot jobs revolution: British workers will be wiped out by artificial intelligence | Daily Star

Is a robot going to take over your job? Future tech expert answers all the important questions about AI – Mirror Online

Use of ‘killer robots’ in wars would breach law, say campaigners | Science | The Guardian



Scientists Reverse Wrinkles, Restore Hair Growth In Mice. Implications Are ‘Huge’ For Aging Research

Scientists Crack Wheat’s Absurdly Complex Genome – The Atlantic

China Gets Another Crispr First With Embryo Base Editing | WIRED

New CRISPR technique skips over portions of genes that can cause disease

Invitae May Become The Amazon Of Genetics – And It’s Happening Faster Than Expected

Is US Government Developing Real-Life Supersoldier, Wonder-Dog In New Research Program?  | Zero Hedge

Bacteria build stronger biosynthetic spider silk, protein by protein

Genetic link discovered between circadian rhythms and mood disorders

How Scientists Discovered Extra Steps in Evolution | The New Republic



Alex Jones, InfoWars accused of destroying evidence related to Sandy Hook suit

Satanic Temple Protests Ten Commandments Monument With Goat-Headed Statue : NPR

Meghan Markle’s dad compared the Royal Family to Scientologists – INSIDER

Harvard speaker busts coconut oil health myth calling it ‘pure poison’



Elon Musk Is Broken, and We Have Broken Him | WIRED

SEC Could Face Backlash if Elon Musk Is Exonerated



LUCA: Study says life came not long after first planet impact – SlashGear

Chance of alien life given massive boost as scientists reveal water ‘likely’ on thousands of exoplanets | Fox News

They’ve ‘Seen Things’ – The New York Times

Are We Alone?

Mysterious fur-covered sea ‘monster’ washes up on beach: ‘Could it be some ancient creature?’ | Fox News



Facebook Is Now Quietly Scoring How Trustworthy You Are

Exclusive: U.S. government seeks Facebook help to wiretap Messenger – sources | Article [AMP] | Reuters

Facebook: Iran has been posting hundreds of fake pages since 2011 – Ars Technica



Do teens use Facebook? It depends on their family’s income — Quartz

Facebook Just Got a Brilliant Message It Never Saw Coming |

Anti-Facebook site launches despite legal threats

Trump, incensed by Twitter’s Alex Jones…



  1. This is not a military robot but I just saw an advertisement on Facebook for a new robot it's called The Fold mate it fold your clothes and organizes them it's kind of cool one of the things they said was finally a robot that fold your clothes! James in Central Michigan.

  2. Us, God's children against evil aka AI , Robots evil. Glad am not on Facebook. Can we shot down the internet go back to hand written letters of information? 😬😇🙏


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