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CCR 155: New Aeon, William Ramsey Returns!



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In August of the year 2012 on episode 20 of Canary Cry Radio, he gave us the full download on Aleister Crowley’s Satanic ritual influence on society. After a brief touch-and-go on Episode 100, he returned on episode 114 in December of 2016, when he outlined the apocalypse or revealing of the occult elite in politics and other seats of high institutions. Nearly 7 years has passed, and he’s back for episode 155, where we’re long overdue an update on what has certainly been an accurate foundation that was laid in his past three appearances. He’s currently the host of William Ramsey Investigates, author, lawyer, independent investigative journalist, and fellow brother in Christ, WILLIAM RAMSEY! 

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  1. Great show. If William Ramsey would investigate Tim Pool he would find a connection with Bill Ayres and Bernadine Dorn of the Weather Underground, who blew up buildings in the 1960s. There are photos of them together at occupy wall street. They supported him in his occupy wall street activism. One factual assessment of Tim Pool and the Eckols interview, neither Pool or Cassandra Fairbanks did any research short of watching the Paradise Lost documentary. Although Ms. Fairbanks stated she had read All Eckols books.
    Mr. Ramsey is in my opinion, the Top authority on the history of the West Memphis 3, his research is through and he brings the receipts. I would reccomend all his writing on the subject
    Great guest, excellent show.
    New subscriber here 👍

  2. Scripture: While we were yet sinners (that's you guys), Christ died for us, i.e., in place of us. Scripture: God loved you first. Scripture: "For God so loved the world…" Did you think some cult might get away with using these words for the wrong reasons? God has the maximum penalty available for changing his intended meaning, especially where his intended are concerned, so take care, and remember, you're not out of the woods yet.

  3. YUess! now we have it. The Abomination that Makes Desolation is finally being exposed. What is it? Why don't other people understand? Well, being willingly ignorant is the best definition of "STUPID." But you'd have to know something about faith to realize it. This man you are interviewing has the ability to explain some of it, putting money, power, influence in the world, putting anything and everything before God instead of putting God first. Yes they walk around like there's nothing wrong, that's because this is their element, and you are the foreigner. For all these thousands of years, the Adam and Eve refined version of Human…, you know with the big heads, with big ideas etc., not necessarily the original, just enough of a knock-off to be passable; can you identify them? Probably not, but the desolation of their souls happened because they have no real idea about who God really is, they don't want it, they don't care, so they invent stuff, worship false gods, hate Christians, and do this one little dirty, evil trick: they stand right in front of Jesus and tell you how it's gotta be. This is Antichrist, the substituting of themselves, being men, calling themselves God.

  4. Wild he brought up Genesis P-orridge. I was into throbbing Gristle & psychic TV back in the day. Temple of psychik youth was/is big in Denver along with the whole partridge family cult with boyd rice (opposing doctrines?). Spirit of Odin huge in underground music community. Such strangeness here

  5. Great 👍🏽 show y’all!!

    59:47 I think Kanye is controlled opposition 🫠. I wanna believe that he is a true believer. Tiny struggle. 😌
    What he’s done with gospel music is pretty cool! Definitely touched my heart.

  6. Speaking about Crimo, I can add something, although its total speculation. I am a contractor (also aspiring hand engraver/gunsmith 😉), and I do the painting for Christ Church, which is the church group that runs the church that Crimo was going to in Highland Park. He was also going to a synagogue in HP. They wanted to revamp the kids area to give them a fresh start after the shooting, it had them really freaked out. When I got to the back stairway of the kids area, I found a pentagram and 666 written on the doorframe, right where a mezuzah would be. I alerted the pastor, but honestly I dont think this is the kinda church that would know how to deal with such a thing, so I prayed for protection, rebuked the demons and cast them out, then I sanded the poop outta the frame to remove the satanic graffiti before I painted over it. We all agree that it was probably Crimo, as he would sit in the balcony area adjacent to the kids area. I will add, the star was pointed up rather than down, so it seems that it was written by someone that didn't really know what they were doing, but most certainly had a demon that was acting thru them that had bigger things in mind. Thank God he didn't shoot up that church. Gun control is the name of the game in HP, a 95% Ashkenazi Jewish community, but this church would have been more prepared to handle something like that than the synagogue. If ya catch my drift.

  7. Listened Since The Beginning. Been A Long Time Pray ~ Ducer. Im In A Néw Time In My Life. It’s Time Too Reach Forward Into Full Time Ministry. Y’all Are A HUGE BLESSING.
    💕 😇 💕.

  8. I love both CCNT and CCR. I will support both for life. The previous William Ramsey episodes were some of the more life-changing moments in previous CCR eps. Great job, brothers!


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