A lot can happen on Live TV; it’s why we love tuning in. It’s given us some great moments on television and some awkward ones as well.

Live TV has also given us some hilarious moments, and sometimes that hilarity involves passing some gas. Some of us love a good fart joke and when it happens on live TV that’s even better. It can be embarrassing for the celebrity that did it, but at the end of the day, it’s a perfectly normal bodily function.

So, who are these overly relaxed celebrities that farted on live tv? We’ve compiled a video for all the fart joke lovers out there. Watch and enjoy!

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Mike Ditka | 0:00
Whoopi Goldberg | 0:56
Regis Philbin | 1:30
Julianne Hough | 1:56
Larry King | 2:29
Cheryl Cole | 3:45

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  1. Denise van Outen – I bet she's really glad that I reminded the world of this – just when the stink had all died down 😆😆😆😆

  2. I am notorious for having nasty smelly farts, too darn bad. All warm blooded mammals fart. It's actually thy bacteria in the gut that do it and it depends on what kind of food you eat that has the potential to be either not so bad or really ruckus. As Shrek would say Better Out Than In.


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