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  1. the truth is very clear, as we know CERN is the European Organization for Nuclear Research is the largest research laboratory in particle physics in the world. although this tells us as dross mentioned is to investigate the origin of the universe and if we find that shiva is related to their religion as one of the gods of the Trimurti (three-ways, the Hindu Trinity), which plays the role of god transforms and destroys the unnecessary, also known as the Danzante Cosmic guides people in times of change, along with Brahma (creator god) and Vishnu (the preserver god) or whether as the hadron collider creates small black omens, since by their sophisticated gear could make a portal or access to another dimencion for related to life and to travel to certain moments of life in the universe ends, as we can see that also not in a specific country if not on every other borders to the and ancient mythology we see that there is a gap space-time in the age of those countries in that place where this hubicado CERN has a lot of agreement and although it be have very powerful people and how those same people even deny it and call us skeptical they are involved in founding sects of many inventions and for many purposes it enlightens you or Mazones or unknown is clear that the same mathematical scientists or astronomers even to say that religions are a lie is very clear they know and deny that is a lie know that religions are real or by having the statue of shiva god of destruction of what does not work and clearer even making a human sacrifice as an offering to not make one of his inventions out of control and not only destroy life as we know it if not themselves, and as has been the first to encortar the so-called god particle which is ranked as the particle has is the life of any organism and mineral …………. I can not say mas¡¡ because like everyone who knows him take too much silent like a lunatic single conspirator.

  2. Just saw the CERN vid, dude, and its a thing people are talking since a long time, i mean, rituals and stuff happening there. Anyway, some say that your vid does not correspond to the real location of the CERN cos the buildings are different from the ones in the actual complex…what would you respond to those???…

  3. I've been watching this video about 20 times and nothing show that it's a
    fake, but if it is fake, then they prepared the scenario very
    carefully, they stop walking at the same time, sit in at same time,
    everybody is very synchro, like a real ceremony, it looks so true,
    specially the knife getting inside the chest….. CERN is a very secured
    place to mess that much inside with a knife that big….

  4. For those who find themselves LEFT BEHIND will they not say to themselves all the knowledge that I thought was profitable has turned out to be completely vain & designed to deceived me
    concerning The Word of The Lord [ 1 Thessalonians 4:15-18 }.
    8/14/16 Maranatha

  5. I finished my 2 nd demo over the week its metal and the songs are to make people aware of truths in this fake world ,helping the blind to see, if you like a copy let me know how I can get to u ,id like to send you a copy ,on me

  6. so guys im new in this and i don't know what secrefice gives you if you can tell me fell free to add a coment i just don't understand why they killing people for secrefice for more power or what ? defence or ?

  7. Even if it was a hoax, to do this as a joke, it's nothing to fool around with! The demonic realm is very real! It's just like those who play with the oiji board as a fun game, sometimes get a serious backlash from those demons! Very stupid to fool around with this stuff as those demons really don't care if it's a joke or not!! People have been possessed playing what they call "all for fun"! Don't be foolish and think that the demonic realm doesn't exist!

  8. "Blame it on the guest's" I didn't know Cern was a hotel too. I don't know it look like the sacrificer was wearing Converse high tops to me, I'm not taking that video too seriously, or Satanist's for that matter. When that place gets suck into the black hole that it created then I'll start to worry. What about this next Gathering in OK, any news on that? And any bets on what could possibly happen on Sunday? It is the 14th you know.

  9. Ritchie, something doesnt smell right. I dont deny that what happened could be fake. But what gets my goose is that something like this would happen on the grounds of scientific facility. It's insane. Then.. cern being supposedly "scientific facility " has a questionable logo. Cern accepts a gift of a Hindu god statue which conveys themes of spirituality…when it deals with science… it has projects called Awake… when thy are supposedly searching for particles???? And now mocked satanic rituals??? WTF is going on????

  10. I mean really…does anybody really believe they are gonna say.. yeah… sorry… you caught us having a ritual, oops it won't happen again???. Dahboo saying its a hoax but couldn't comment on his video?. Even if they did deny the incident entirely, would we believe that too? Just my opinion.

  11. Love ya RFB, not in a gay way but in a brotherly way. You do a lot of great work for the people. THANK YOU for keeping me awake. Kevin from Providence, RI – right down the street from ya!

  12. were you saying pay attention to the 14th bc of tisha b'av? jw bc I know that's the day they are recognizing the day the temple was destroyed but I watch the temple institute videos and the actual day is Saturday so for a Jewish person starts sundown Fri through sundown Sat idk you may already know this or you might not have been referencing that just trying to help GBY


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