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  1. It was consecrated on the day our Lord died & whats the betting on the day the 2nd finger goes up at Our Father in Times Sq,that the antichrist wil be birthed?
    action for counter action

  2. Rest assured that once the permitted time of the evil one and his earthly puppets and disciples is up, Jesus the Christ will destroy them and take back all power and His rightful glory and justice. THAT will be a glorious moment! All praise to Jesus the true king and light! Embathe yourselves in His most sacred, majestic, and saving blood.

  3. Thing is people only want to know about wickedness, they don't want righteousness at all, then they also think just because they know about satan that they can somehow save their own self, ignoring the fact that the ol dragon has been playing the game so much longer than they could ever live, somehow think they can get around him without Jesus Christ, what foolishness.

  4. I found some more interesting things taking place, go to wso it's under steve Olson, he works with astronomers all over, 1 guy has been filming what he says looks like a war in the heavens that may explain all of the eruptions not earthquakes. God bless Richie not be safe

  5. This coming temple, the Arch of Triumph, depicts the Satanic sacrifice that is to come to the U.S. and around the globe.  Once they have all been erected in the selected cities, those cities will be nuked and those people who are living in said cities will become the sacrifice to their false god Satan, the Prince of this World also known as the Prince of the Power of the Air.  Soon, the skies will be filled with UFOs.  Man has been making man-made UFOs for quite some time. There may come to pass a fake war in the skies with the good 'aliens' fighting the bad 'aliens'.  The good aliens will then be asked to help mankind to bring peace to the world. Yeah right.  Then, the Son of Perdition will take his seat as God.  Already Satan has taken his seat in many temples around the world and those temples are the bodies of men and women who believe not in the resurrection of Jesus Christ, the true Messiah.  We are living in perilous times.  Soon, judgment will end and there will be no more forgiveness.  Did you know that the Nephilim have been living in the world since the beginning of the world after Noah? There are Dogmen living in Mississippi – giants in the Solomon Islands and in Afghanistan – vampires living in New Orleans and on and on and on.  What about Bigfoot? Are the bigfoot not Nephilim?

  6. the reason why no flesh will be spared is armeggodon is unlike ww1,2 its satan and all his demonic entities in charge of cern verses the lord Jesus Christ @hence the christian message so once again whose side you on

  7. This is demonstrably false (see what I did there?). The particle beam in the LHC travels just 7mph (11.6km/h) slower than the speed of light, but because it's comprised of protons with a total mass of roughly 6 human blood cells (thanks Wolfram alpha for the somewhat gross comparison), it has the total energy roughly a quarter of a lightning bolt. Not bad for being so small, but it's currently estimated that it would take more energy than available in the entire observable universe (46 billion light years across) to open a wormhole; the LHC comes up just a tad short… But I insist that you not merely take my word for it. The information is all publicly available; use that critical reasoning conspiracy theorists so often claim to treasure above all else, yet so rarely actually use.

  8. Excellent video. I enjoyed it. It seemed we dodged a bullet no temple in new york and ideally it will not come. Many of us have prayed hard against this abomination coming. Thank you for your research.


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