CERNS own director speaks as an earthquake coincides with CERNS Startup taking out the temple of Shiva. That’s not happenstance,
All credit goes to seventhvial213



  1. Hey Richie, thanks for another great video. I believe that CERN definitely was created for the elites, the haves, not the have-nots. Think about it…..This project has been going on for decades…I think technology has finally advanced far enough to take this project to it's highest level – opening up portals for either letting something in, or so that "they" (the haves), have a way out should it become necessary.

    This thing, whatever the hell it is, is not for the greater good of humanity – it's so damn obvious. First indication of this: the 666 CERN logo! Just my opinion of course.

  2. If anyone is interested, the CERN "scientists" are having an "ask anything" Q&A session tmrw on Reddit (I think its 4pm, not sure on time zone). Hopefully a few people ask them about opening the pit. I'm sure these evil possessed people truly think they're doing good work but I think ALOT of people no otherwise. God bless.


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