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  1. I live in Wa. State and all the schools are doing this now. I am horrified. I went to a convention at Evergreen College last wk end. That is what happened. Girls changing with men peeing in the urinal.ALL men and women being Forced to use open uni-sex bathrooms.Sick, demeaning, & dangerous.

  2. I agree completely that the LGBT community is being used as a distraction, a device to make us look away from all the truly strange things happening. This is a non-agenda, divisive in intent and totally non-relevant.

  3. Hey Richie the reviews coming along for that insane bug out bag you hooked me up with, I just gotta edit it. I have never heard about the tablets at CERN, where did you hear about that? Your channel rocks by the way, congrats on the subs.

  4. There is scheduled Saturday a worldwide ad hoc information exchange at many, many malls, shopping areas, please check your area to help educate the population. Google MONSANTO.

  5. No bro your awesome that's why you have so many New subs. You start up grate comments on your site .Which helped people learn and throw links around to show other's the truth. So your right this makes for an awesome environment.You rock Richie thanks for sticking your neck out.πŸ‘πŸ‘

  6. FYI, a device is coming that will deliver your home's power needs for absolutely no additional cost beyond what is required for the device itself, hundreds not thousands. Runs off 12 volt battery that lasts forever. This is based off suppressed mid 1800's technology. We are going to bring hooliganism to its knees.

  7. The info regarding all the tablets/languages at CERN is new to me but not surprising. My grandfather told me the Hopi forefathers were told at the end of the last Golden Age that they were one of three groups that would be entrusted to preserve their language as spoken. I've never identified the other two. Maybe someone here knows that story and who they are. Anyway, It was never to be written down.. and I'll never forget the last five words of that story: "Your generation will be witnesses" …. i still don't know what that means really. But dots are now connecting faster than they ever have. Thanks for givin' a shit brother!

  8. Hey Big Bro, I pray u and urs are well. I loved the vid ya put up from the Appalachian Mountains that was BEAUTIFUL and I love Pippa she's a Gorgeous dog! I pray several X's a day too big bro the Lord knows our hearts! Congrats on all the new subs that Awesome! My prayers and my love are with ya and the fam!Have a Beautiful and Blessed day in Jesus NameπŸ’œπŸŒˆπŸ’ͺπŸ‘‘

  9. Love your work bro. No way you could have personal conversations with all of us and we get that. Your outbound communication is good enough, you're trying to read between the lines like the rest of us who know something ain't right, and it's comforting to know I'm not a total tin foil hat wack job. I get all my news latley from you tube or the bible, and gauge how much they are trying to hide by what they decide to tell the masses about in the "news" outlets.


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