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  1. Perpetual GEM-Geometrical Electricity Multiplication can power all things. TESLA was right + free AC electricity multiplication is easily done using PULLEYS =(wheels). This simple technology is even, Found in the Bible @ (Ezekiel 1:16), as the inner workings of a UFO motor. "a wheel in the middle of a wheel" or, a small wheel running around the inside of a large wheel. Or a small cog in the middle of a large cog, with two medium size cogs of the same tread in between the large outer cog and the small inner cog. Do you see why I chose to use pulleys + belt/elastic/rope/or a piece of tied rope or string, instead of cogs with both size of cogs + threads having to be meshed correctly.

    This GEM-(free energy technology) is so simple that it should be obvious-(but it has been hidden by evil spirits). Just think of this small amount of logic,,, it only takes an input of a few sparks,(short bursts of current) to rotate a large 33 cm circumference pulley,(about 10 cm diameter) once, giving you 33 cm of moving belt. Then, if you run this length of belt past 1 to 3 mini-pulleys of 1 cm circumference, with AC or DC motors/generators attached, the this would give you an output of 33 or 99 cycles of AC or DC electricity. NOW TRY + TELL ME YOU CANNOT FREELY MULTIPLY ELECTRICITY with pulleys, when you can gain 99 cycles of AC or DC electricity, from a few sparks,(short bursts) of DC current, which is the amount to rotate a DC motor with a large 33 cm circumference pulley once.

    + Don't you listen to these evil spirits, whispering that torque is a problem, as this is a blatant lie. This is because more torque occurs when you need to produce more power, and the only power that you need to produce, is the minute amount of current that it takes to crank over your single DC motor one single time. So you gain these 33 to 99 rotations=cycles of AC or DC electricity, from this 1 to 3 motors or generators, to generate the small amount of power that it takes to rotate a DC motor once, making this GEM device a self powered free energy system, These many rotations of these few motors or generators only need to generate a few short bursts of current, which equals practically nothing, when it comes to current. This is because practically no current multiplied by even massive voltage, still equals practically zero power – costing practically zero torque.

    This costs such a minimum amount of cash = 2 DC motors of the same voltage, 1 large + 1 small pulley, a belt, strap, elastic or tied piece of rope or string, possibly 4 diodes for a rough full wave bridge rectifier, a capacitor and a few wires to connect these components together. This is so simple to assemble that we could start making a GEM=(Geometrical Electricity Multiplier) for almost every voltage that we might need or want. Please remember that a lot of these supplies might be laying around our homes, or you could easily and cheaply pick them up in a junk yard. And if you choose to use AC motors/generators, then you have to add a full wave bridge rectifier, (4 diodes) in between your AC generator(s) and DC drive motor

    BECAUSE OF THE POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WARFARE GOING ON ALL AROUND US = How else can you explain us not using this simple GEM free energy technology long ago. This works because of the simple logic of how it does not take a greater amount of voltage to crank over a single DC motor with the large pulley once, than you can gain from the many rotations that you get from the many generators attached to the mini-pulleys. In other words, you can gain more power-(voltage) from the many rotations of the mini-pulley with AC or DC generators attached, than it takes to crank over one DC motor with a large pulley once. The free energy rule is, you can gain more power_(voltage) from generators attached to mini-pulleys, than it takes to crank over the DC motor with a large pulley once.

    THIS GEM TECHNOLOGY IS SIMPLE LOGIC, THAT EVIL FORCES ARE HIDING . This website is almost identical to the idea that I was shown in the early 2000's + soon put on the web @ Free energy can be generated using pulleys, because pulleys can be used to freely multiply the # of rotations + since AC electricity is generated by rotations, then we can use pulleys to freely multiply AC electricity.

    PLEASE,,,,,, JUST TAKE THE FEW MINUTES + BUILD THIS SUPER SIMPLE MECHANISM FOR YOURSELF. Just go to this website. + see how truly simple this works, and is to build. Now please, go out and build as many of these super simple, and cheap to build, GEM free energy machines as you can, of all sizes and voltages. Or even better, convince the government to start generating it for us, getting rid of the pollution that we put into the air, and the radioactive stuff completely

    GEM = (Geometrical Electricity Multiplication)

    AC electricity is created using rotations, where the more rotations = the more cycles of AC electrical power. Pulleys allow us to trade one rotation of a large 33 cm circumference pulley, into 99 rotations of three mini-pulleys of 1 cm circumference pulleys. SO 1 DC ROTATION CAN EQUAL 100'S OF AC CYCLES. So this ability of pulley mechanics to freely gain us the technology that allows us to freely multiply as many cycles of AC or DC electricity as we would like. This tool gives us an unlimited supply of electricity of ay voltage and current type.

    The ARK of the COVENANT has been found in Jeremiah's Grotto, right under where YESHUA=Jesus was crucified. So His BLOOD could run down the crack in the bedrock + land on the correct side of the ARK. His dried BLOOD was still alive even, + tested as only having 24 CHROMOSOMES = Virgin Born + proving HIS DIVINITY.. (only had one parent) + with only one male Y chromosome.

    PLEASE WATCH THIS VIDEO (41:41) = or HIS Blood is STILL ALIVE + had only 24 chromosomes = 23 from his mother + only One from His Father (normal people have 46 = 23 from the mother + 23 from the father). If these videos have been taken down, then in YouTube search these words =( ark of covenant blood Ron Wyatt )

    Isn't it amazing what knowledge we can gain by simply adding the il-s of life into this evil theory.,, EVil-sOLUTION never happened,,, and it never could have happened,,,, because we have only been here on earth for about 6000 years. Think about the odds of us on an earth that is gaining mass from space dust and meteors revolving around a sun that is losing mass from burning fuel=mass. If mankind has evolved over billions of years, then why is there only about 6000 years worth of space dust on the moon = see the moon landings, there is only a few cm of space dust. If evolution ever happened, then it needed the moon to keep the oceans from becoming stagnant water.

    WHERE ARE THE THE BILLIONS OF YEARS WORTH OF DUST DEPOSIT. Surely that would have produce meters of dust, as would not the dust have been even thicker way back then + Don't try to tell me that something or someone removed the dust every so many thousand years.

    DO THE MATH FOR YOUR SELF = the amount of dust deposit on the moon is known + the amount deposited per year is known too. I did the math in the early 90's, and it worked out to be about 6000 years worth of dust that is on the moon now. I don't know if they use the same figures now or not. But even so, it should be obvious that after even one billion years,,,, the dust should be many meters thick

    Sorry guys + gals, but the higher up elite of mankind has decided to believe + side with these aliens (fallen angels + nephilim =sons+daughters of children of angels + human females) in building these particle collides – which mess with our timelines

    This is a must watch video. @

    All of time and space are changing. Things that are true have been altered.

    CERN is a possible cause for these events.

    Have you ever heard of the MANDELA Effect? PLEASE CHECK THIS OUT,,,, + then try telling me that there is not a POWERFUL SPIRITUAL WARFARE going on in our world. This is a must watch video. All of time and space are changing. Things that are true have been altered + CERN is the cause for these events

    – Here is one of the videos trying to let this scary information out

    + here is an explanation by the Physicists

    CERN Is Changing Our Timelines – Proof – Mandela Effect Part 1

    Our Father, Who Art in Heaven, had set up a Door = deadline for His Son to come back by/before, but that Door has already past = JAN 14.57, 2019 = 1st DOOR

    + 3:33 of tells you what is their real plan.

    This video speaks of how science + spiritual are one

    (REALITY = this is the hidden elite, in high places doing this, not your governments)

    Here is a website that shows you how quick + simple this GEM technology is to build =

    + here is a website that I set up to discuss how this GEM technology works


    We are soon going to see many strange creatures + mysterious mechanisms coming up from under the earth, under the seas + even down from space

  2. Guys. Particle physics do not allow the creation of singularities at any level which would create massive "Portals" come on. Take the foil hats off.

  3. I hate the idea of trying to re create the Big Bang Theory. God created everything perfect now these idiot's at Cern think they can do better than God?? I don't trust Cern. Oh there just making particles no harm being done….yet Stephen Hawkings even warned they should be stopped. I've been following every video. I so far hate Cern.

  4. from my own experience that I recently shared on my channel demons are here and don't necessarily need a cern portal to come through, I could be wrong. I had an unseen force that turned the volume all the way up on my stereo then showed itself to me in this black figure like a body, you couldn't see through it but it wasn't solid. Check my vid out. I swear on everything my story is true.

  5. How can they re-create they are using something which means they could make something. The big bang happened from nothing so they wont prove anything because they are not using nothing to create something.

  6. they are saying that there are more than one of these colliders. I went out into my back yard in Fl. thinking I was taking beautiful pics of lightening and I have caught picture of some of craziest evil looking things. I only figured this out once I discovered these pic I took were taken over our military base the same night LHC in Switz. started up theirs. Don't believe me I don't care some of the most detailed evil looking things can me seen clear as day…I took the pics just thinking it was pretty purple but no sound to the lightening.

  7. I saw this on MLordandGod channel on You-Tube.
    My comment on her thread I will reiterate… And say it as I see it.
    I see very clearly Morphing of clouds into Very interesting Faces of variety of species, From trans-humanism and other reptilian or ET type images in this holographic display in these specific photos in that Thread.
    I encourage feedback and will not fear Anyone whom attempts to debunk my keen Sightings here.
    As The Lord God and Jesus as my protector & savior I will not back out of this Internet statement.
    As this testimony my word is sacred and means everything to me and My fellow Humanitarians under our creator.
    RFB thx
    Keep the Faith and Up With People
    Aj from Hull Ma. 02045.

  8. Ya all dumb as fucks if you really think any of these bullshiet is real you really think if all this alien cern portal all that bull crap were real the government would not allow any actual footage of any kind shown to the media YouTube because the real shirt that are hidden from us the real shit we never will see it we ain't ready n they know that ugh

  9. They'll need to add these pictures to that kid's book showing the different cloud types. How in the hell can the people living under that believe nothings up. It looks like in the movie 'The Philadelphia Experiment' when the Battleship appears floating over New York City.


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