This video is another compilation taken from the Canary Cry Radio interview with Anthony Patch, focusing on the topic of the “adiabatic quantum computer”, and it’s connection to CERN, the Mark of the Beast, genetic manipulation, and a coming Alien Deception…



  1. “He who is not with Me is against Me, and he who does not gather with Me scatters abroad.” Matthew 12:30

    The “AI”/“spirit” described is Satan. Some call it the Akashic Records and yes it has been around since the earth. What some are proposing is that we continue to build him a body. Not a rental either.

    I’m not saying that it won’t be holy or law abiding. I’m saying when the law is carried out and judgement is made on man they will wish they hadn’t.

    You see God left man to make his own choices and not be a robot. He even reconciled with this choice by agreeing not to act radically toward our sin. Thus we are in a time of grace and peace. His will is carried out and the angel lucifer will carry it out for him. God will be saving us from our own wrath and give everyone what they want.

    The “bored” and crazed will have the choice to do what they want on the way to being robotic in nature having no more choices; only to live forever in what the peaceful and free would see as hell. In the end the two will be separated for ever where the grateful will never have to fight to protect their sovereignty.

    With those with eyes to see and ears to hear. LITERALLY

  2. My girlfriend just woke up to many truths after seeking our Father in prayer and He was faithful in revealing everything that He has shown me. When I was saved I found your channel and I watched every single one of your videos.
    When I was un-saved (so to say) I followed Eric Dubai religiously. I believe that our Lord lead me to your channel.
    I’m going back and re-watching your videos to share with her now that she’s been awakened so some many sad, inevitable, truths that will be the bringing back of our Saviour.
    Love you, Will, thank you for your work.
    God bless always, brother.

  3. oK – so here we are back in 2015 and you are posting the statements about our "reality" and DNA changes that will likely occur from D-Wave and CERN and CHEM , etc… – now – it seems (and I don't mean to seem flippant) – when I tell you that our reality has changed – that our scriptures have changed — you seem to think we are in error ?????

  4. I love this Channel! One of the Absolute Best out there. THANKYOU so much for the great videos. So eye opening and informative. We really appreciate all the work you do. Again THANKYOU and God Bless.

  5. Very informative…good job! And just for the record, I could hear everything just fine! Sheesh! It kills me how rudely some people express certain problems they have w/ the audio, etc.. I mean, they could just as easily say the same problem but in a polite manner. It makes me want to be rude back!! But you sir, are very diplomatic, very polite. I suppose its because you are a very smart and very kind person. God bless!

  6. Good stuff!! Makes me wonder i see so huch of satans plans and his amazing tech, surely God must have great tech as well, wonder what it could be and if theres any info on that, thanks man😀


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