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  1. I keep warning what the holy spirit said to me after I humbled my self even if it falls on deaf ears.

    This is not an opinion or interpretation the holy spirit said this him self.

    Trump = Daniel 11 19.

    Biden = Daniel 11 20.

    Obama = Daniel 11 21.

    It is Revelation 17:10-11 KJV Trump=6th Biden=7th Obama=8th & of the 7 the 5th head and the 8th.

    This is what the holy spirit said to me.

  2. I am so glad you are going over this with us all. I am going blind, and one eye has gone blind one month back, and the other eye I have is doing very poorly; so I can get my face in the computer screen and see what you are doing to get around the website. I went blind in my one eye about a month back now. Not sure what is wrong but I will not go to a doctor and have my life in the hands of Jesus. Now I understand how this all works. Jesus bless you my brother and keep you close to Him.

  3. Thanks brother. I'm not a big techno fan, I don't like it lol but it would be sweet if you can make some videos with some middle eastern music. You done it before and I really enjoyed them. Anyways. Keep on doing the good work. God bless

  4. Lori from Nashville, I am sorry for you. Today's destruction is just another plot of the enemy … totally planned .. the zionists elitists goal is to enforce the Noahhide Laws in America.. Nashville is their current crime scene

  5. This is Lori and I live in Nashville, tenn and they put curfew out for us till Sunday 430 and cancelled Church. Pray for Nashville, Tenn.πŸ™πŸŽšMerry ChristmasπŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸ™πŸŽšπŸŽšπŸŽšπŸŽšπŸŽšπŸŒ»πŸ’œ

  6. Hi Levi, I didn't get the notification. and I've added your WIX website, your blog, and underground chat room… I guess I missed it, so I'll be here for tomorrows Fellowship. Peace and May God Almighty Bless everyone who is trying to walk on the narrow path. Good night folks.


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