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  1. God confirmed my personal crossing paths with members in Hollywood, politicians, and powerful elected leaders around the world. 1) Barack Obama is the seed of the devil; Anti-Christ. 2) Trump won by the help of Jesus, but also shared about his faults as a man. 3) Having been captivated by Hollywood as being inspired to do screenplays, the majority of souls of their realm are 'stars' for Satan; living for the devil not God. 3) The lack of truth telling of all those who are within the embodiment of satan of their accountabilities of misleading lives away from God and them not telling everyone where they will more so end up in their afterlife.; The nonconfessions of all those who are the make-up of the Kingdom of the Beast. 4) The Agenda of our Deepstate souls in our leadership. 5) The true story of the History of Earth 6) What actually happened in the days of Noah 7) God's knowing of power and man on Earth. 8) Why God emphasizes certain matters as for teachings and guidance for humanity from the Apocrypha. 9) The topic of outer space aliens and other demons that exist on Earth. 10) The incorrect teachings of various other religious groups who believe they are truthfully representing Jesus Christ when they are not! The list grows in the revelation of the build of the Anti-Christ

  2. There are a couple of parts of technology used in conjunction with this vaccine you should be aware of. The vaccine itself is a RNA/DNA nano tech altering type that has never been developed before and the usual years of testing and long term studies to see if there are any harmful long term side effects are not going to happen because of Operation Warp Speed. Both Pfizer and Madera are of the RNA/DNA type, that's a Red Flag! Along with this also is the tattoo patch that embeds micro needles into the skin surface that will be used by scanners proving that you have been vaccinated and that is how you will be allowed into stores, businesses ect, and basically allowed back into society again. You will be required to sign an agreement to accept the covid19 and covid21 vaccines and the reward will be that you will get free digital money deposited into your account from the IMF (International Monetary Fund). If you refuse the vaccine and sign the agreement the punishment will be, you forfeit all of your possessions and taken to a FEMA camp where you will be kept there till either you consent and be released or deny it and remain till they decide what they will do with you, probably slave labor and or death. Your family will likely be told that you died from the virus because you refused the vaccine. This information was provided by a an anonymous whistle blower in government and cross referenced with multiple conservative sources. So you better do some research and pray first that God will reveal the truth to you. God Bless your search!!!

  3. To all my brothers and sisters in Christ to consider this information concerning the the technology being used in the covid19 vaccine is the RNA/DNA altering nano technology which both the Madera and Pfizer are of this type of vaccine that is heavily funded by Bill Gates a admitted eugenics supporter. Do your own research and avoid this vaccine at all cost.

  4. Brothers and sisters we need to be coming up with s game plan the news says they'll be rolling out the vaccine to the general population in spring or early summer of 2021 now we've already decided were not going to take it so we obviously won't be allowed at some point to participate in society so we must band together as true believers and form some type of underground Christian community one in which we support each other and touch base physically and not just virtually to help each other through the persecution of the saints during the great tribulation because I dont know about you but I dont want to end up in jail or the fema camps or put to death by guillotine I want to survive and fight to the bitter end

  5. Guys a quick warning. Sabbath day IS NOT on Sunday, the Catholic church changed the Sabbath day from Saturday to Sunday. If you do not believe me look up Hope through Prophecy: Sabbath day. Stay blessed!


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