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  1. Whether your living with non believers or flat out Family members that don't like god you have to keep persevering,life is tough and cruel.I had no where to go and the fake churches laughed at me…There's nothing real in this life but god and Jesus.Ive listened to all these fake channels and people on fake-tube and it's all bs…Just make sure that you've shown yourself approved 2 Tim 2:15 and your ready to stand before god soon and give a testimony for your life.(Godspeed)

  2. Hi Wayne I don’t know if you remember me I either commented or send you a message about the elections back in 2016. Just like you I also though that Obama was the antichrist and could still be I don’t know then I had the dream about Trump wining which I mentioned and he did. However with this elections and berthing going on I feel lost. The only dream I had about the Antichrist was that he will be in the elections. I don’t know if he meant that to be Trump on 2016 or if he was talking about another election. I been praying and I am confused. The church is divided. Some say God choose Trump for 4 years of Grace and could be true Obama has been coming back into the scene, but I also doubt that like idk if to think Trump or Obama or just neither. I just don’t want to be deceived.

  3. There will be blackouts internet shutdown COVID numbers deaths whether it’s thousands or hundreds thousands 34 43 32 33 8 14 86 88 and lots of purple shutdown maybe trump in office not sure yet so anyone connected with each other emails etc or possibly phone numbers

  4. I don't think the vaccine is the mark. It also has to obviously have something to do with worship.

    But a mark that allows you to buy and sell on Saturday, like they do in Grenada, which makes you break the 7th day sabbath, a commandment of God, that is what I think people should really watch out for.

    Trump is going to "win" an election rigged against him. People will think (false) Light is overcoming darkness when it happens. they will trust him and make more excuses for him no matter what he does, just like they make excuses when he nominates deep state, Catholics only, and locks the country down with an emergency order he signed.

    When he "wins" this delusion only grows stronger.


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