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  1. a quickstart of faith
    (Faith commes by me by watching Jesus as in Revelation 1 13 to all sides and let Him circulate very quick like planets circulate to all sides (as faster the circulation as more powers)( what we see we have and can give. (spiritual size of Him is at least biger than earth).Worship Music or listning Bible (Romans-Revelation) helps).
    (just to train a superfocus)..( but than we must also slow down for family and others (to not get impatient with others)
    ++ lets concentrate on those 5% each one of what just we can do(our special gifts) to have more time for the loved ones++ to get sharper results.

  2. Hi Julianne – we were blessed by your brief personal testimony. I have a personal request – would it be possible to ask Andrew if you can present a Bible Study on the Prodigal Son and give a more detailed testimony. I am sure that many people would be encouraged by it.

  3. Wow – what powerful teaching – it really speaks powerfully into our situation in Australia at the moment. We have about 15 unsaved neighbors and have been bringing the Christian message to some of them and praying for them for the past 8 years – we have seen much progress but no-one has accepted Jesus as their Lord. I declare over them that they will become sons and daughters of the Lord God Almighty in the near future!!


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