Join our Charis Daily Live Bible Study to interact in real time and gain a deeper understanding of the Word. The Live Bible Study is held during the following times:
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Thursday: 6:00pm MST
Friday: 10:00am MST

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  1. Excellent teaching. Also have a word of appreciation for the new lady jnterviewing the man of God. Made the discussion very jolly and comfortable. Her interjections also were very timely. God Bless here and AWMI

  2. I ca but share, it is time spent in the Word , that explodes in our spirit. How do I explain, umm, The Holy Spirit has the power of an "unction" in and with our spirits. To "know" the Word truly is to "Know" God absolutely . In these end times the enemy 's weapon is to "busy" the body, I beg we all realize , never forget , and always give praise for ❣HE comes first! JESUS, JESUS, JESUS!


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