Illusionist Derren Brown has a new special on Netflix called “Miracle”, which in it’s own ironic way, reinforces the notion that the charismatic movement has more demonic activity than most of it’s adherents would like to admit, and simultaneously exposes itself for the New Age propaganda that it is….



  1. Well Manley's be a big fan of your channel I thought you are really smart guy With a very keen and observant respective. After watching maybe I'm wrong maybe it's just this video Visit just obviously lazy thinking and speculation. I've been a professional allusion is/magician for 30 years there's an explanation to everything hes doing it has nothing to do with the occult has nothing to do in demons or satan. Hes just fucken with you and what I mean by that is hes using techniques like psychology slide a hand hypnotismTo achieve his goals.If you did a little bit more research you'd understand that magic is not real in fact that's exactly what hes trying to convey in most of his specials and presentations is that it's a trick you showing and teaching people how not to be fooled by bullshit. In fact Houdini did the exact same thing in the later part of his career by exposing spiritualism's. If it wasn't for Houdini spiritualism's would be a huge religion and he exposed all of their tricks and methods which had nothing to do with the occult it was all slide a hand and tricks that a magician in illusionist use to Fool the mass and general public. I mean think about it there are so many dumb people and gullible minds out there it's so easy to accomplish these miracle like presentations. These idiots that fall for this sell it to the intelligent people which is what David Blaine did in his specials that he performs street magic. There are 3 types of people. Those who see, Those who see when they are shown, be those who do not see. I believe that's a "from leonardo davinci one of the most observant people that has ever lived. I perform magic all the time and the people that tell me that I am the devil are usually the most ignorant. Lol There's a reason they call it an allusion.

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  3. Most magicians openly admit that they recieve their power from spirits or demons. People can say that they just say that to build their image or whatever but there's enough of it out there that it cannot be dismissed as pure hype.

  4. I just watched dwrran brown. Im a christian. Dont know how to feel aboht it. Almost had to turn off bc it totally mocked God. I believe Jesus heals. It was insane. Love your stuff will have some questions for you.

  5. I find your work fascinating. I've studied eschatology for years and even have a seminary background. I've also studied Chemistry and make a living in that area. The way you make the connection between scientism, new age occult, and the coming great deception is fascinating. I remember my quantum theory from p-chem but never saw the underlying spiritual dimensions. Is this just a recent mainstream push? Why is it that I find these things (information) on u-tube but NEVER in the church? There is, obviously, great benefit in biblical doctrine and teaching but we ignore these advances of the enemy at peril. GREAT work my friend and much appreciated

    John 14:12-14
    12 Very truly I tell you, whoever believes in me will do the works I have been doing, and they will do even greater things than these, because I am going to the Father. 13 And I will do whatever you ask in my name, so that the Father may be glorified in the Son. 14 You may ask me for anything in my name, and I will do it.

  7. You got one part wrong. I waited and listened for him to say Jesus ONE TIME. He never did. He always said, "father" and "lord".

    Who is your father? Who is your lord? Satan? Lucifer? Possibly.

  8. TOP 5 #144 | MAGIA IMPOSIBLE (impossible magic)

    If 3 outa the 5 aren't aided by Demons,then i'd like a logical explanation as to how they do it ! ! & not the usual answer it's illusions-misdirection-camera angles-sleight of hand etc etc .
    The Asian guy at the end is 100% helped by Demons I.M.O…..check it out.

  9. I used to run the tv/sound,worship??? department for a fairly large pentecostal church and being able to see behind the curtain I can say that it's all about emotion, manipulation, and members wanting to belong. One of the fruits of the Spirit is self control. God showed me it was wrong and I left that doctrine and I have never doubted that decision.

  10. I wouldn't be so quick to call something demonic when it could possibly be the Holy Spirit manifesting himself be very careful, You need to ask yourself why are these things happening in a church and not at the bar or out in public or where people meet

  11. I just watched the blasphemy of darren brown last night… and then this pops up on my feed today. Humble yourself tistf and start preaching obedience to the real gospel of Jesus Christ or as Paul said be accursed if u r not willing to come out of what u learned in the theological dogma of some denomination or other.
    How about for starters reject the pagan trinity so u can get a revelation of Jesus Christ and OBEY the great commision by being baptized in His Name for the remission of your sins and receive The Gift of The Holy Ghost.
    Or u will perish.
    2 Thess 1:8-9

  12. Netflix ran a fraudulent documentary about some European artist who funded a treasure hunt and found all these gold statues on some coast line. Turns out is was all a show. Believe nothing on Netflix.

  13. Great video, William. Scary!!! Thanks for sharing. It's important!!!

    I have a few thoughts to reiterate exactly what you are talking about. Hope you don't mind. 🙂

    1. Power of positive thinking and power of the mind — this is the same concept that charismatic-minded "christian" occultists teach on; they just give these concepts "christian" words. For example: "word of faith," "speak that which is not as if it were," and "as above so below" (yes, some self-proclaimed "christians" are starting to use this occult phrase, too, to explain so-called "biblical" truths).

    2. "We are God" — this is not just a Luciferian, occult concept any longer. It is also taught in charismatic "christian" occult circles, with the "manifest sons, little gods, shining ones" teachings, twisting and grossly perverting Scripture to try to "prove" their point that "we are gods." This has been going on for years, but it's becoming more widely accepted amongst "christian" circles.

    3. This is something that I see so clearly as being something to prepare the general masses to receive the "man of perdition" (usually referred to as the antichrist), who will come with LYING signs and wonders (2 Thessalonians 2:19). The Bible didn't say "fake tricks." These things will be REAL. But they are ultimately LIES that are leading people AWAY from the Father and AWAY from sound doctrine, and TOWARDS following Satan (Lucifer), and SELF-PROCLAIMED CHRISTIANS will lap these lying signs and wonders right up as being "truth." Why? MANY reasons (I wrote about many of these reasons in the book I authored with Carolyn), but in part because they have been deceived to believe that "anything that is real and that can be quantifiably proven is TRUTH." HOWEVER… not everything that is real is TRUTH. Satan offers many things that are REAL. But they aren't truth from the Father. These lying signs and wonders are so deceptive and are so enticing. Keep close to the Father during these times!!

    4. This is a PERFECT example of how people can "invoke" the name of "Jesus" without actually being submitted to the authority of Jesus. This is a deception that a lot of Christians have fallen for throughout the years: "But, but, but…!! They come in Jesus name! Surely they are of God! Demons can't come in Jesus name!" Really?! Hm… read the Bible. For starters: Luke 6:46, Matthew 7:15-23, TItus 1:16, Acts 19:13-20, 1 John 2:4.

    5. Demonic healings — yes, they are real, but they are not of God. You referred to the downside of these "healings," and it's called "subtractions and transferences." Those, too, are very real! And they bring horrible destruction, usually unexpectedly, but many people dismiss them because they don't always recognize them as being subtractions and transferences that are connected to their "demonic healing." Or other demonic miracle.

    6. Last thought (sorry this comment is so long… I'm not known for my brevity! lol) — "mystery of Babylon." Interesting that some people (so-called "christians") are beginning to actually self-identify AS this "Whore of Babylon" through the language they use concerning Dominionism and the "seven mountain mandate." Stew on THAT for just a moment…! Do they realize they are identifying AS this detestable "mystery Babylon"?! Apparently not!! It's the demonic programming they have fallen prey to — fractal programming, religious programming, et cetera — that literally blinds them to the LIES and DECEPTION that they have fallen into. It's horrible. 🙁 God have mercy!! They need much prayer and deliverance, and I pray that the Spirit of God will reveal to those who have a heart for the TRUE GOD, so that they can be brought to repentance and reconciliation with Him.



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