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“CHASING MIRACLES” (Personal foul… Facemask… On the Defense…)

Damar Hamlin and the Eugenics Crime of All Time; by Andrew Hoffman
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  1. Thanks for another consistently good program.
    I am a former intensive care nurse and combat medic.
    You always begin patient transport to the hospital immediately.
    Had this Hamlin incident been real, they would have tossed him into the ambulance within 1-2 minutes and proceeded directly to an ER.
    Total staged event.

  2. I truly enjoy your commentary. As you’re saying the words in this video, the trumpets blow, my Bible has been opened to that scripture in revelation about the seven trumpets for two days now. It keeps coming up everywhere I turn. Peace and grace. Please bring more, I love the commentary I really do. I’ve enjoyed your videos for sometime. Thank you for doing them.

  3. The name Damar means “light” the last name Hamlin means “home”. The number three in the Bible (Strongs Concordance) is the “Angel of the bottomless pit”.
    OK let me get the cryptic meaning to you on a silver platter.
    Lucifer the light bearer, who is the angel of the bottomless pit, has come home to earth.
    The Buffalo Bills represent the beast system as well as the silence of the lambs character Buffalo Bill.

  4. God has been, and is still is three things at the moment….He is sorting the wheat from the chaff/2 He is preparing His true church for what is coming/3 He wants to deal with with iin our lives that we may not wish to face. Many are still sitting on the fence…A Pastor said in Canada that he haas vision that God was going to shake the fence. If they do not repent they may well be lost?

  5. Cayenne pepper cures heart attacks! I t's a blood mover and has healed people after a heart attack with barely a pulse within minutes. I now keep in my purse just in case someone needs it. God Bless.

  6. I think in the case of Damar Hamlin, the simplest explanation is the most obvious. It was a stunt. No one survives 10 minutes of CPR without very serious complications.

    So the question to be answered, is why perform the stunt?

  7. Did anyone else see the video saying that same type of thing about Kobe? I don't even remember where I saw it now. But along the same lines of him still being alive though as someone else

  8. if you think about things like this you will go crazy ;

    sometimes you should close your eyes … you cant change anything about that ; so just close your eyes ;

    you will become too sad or crazy if you will pay too much attention to it

  9. 1. Foreshadowing a deadly wound that was healed?
    2. Playing on people’s desire for attention? Like if I take this Viper and have health issues, I’ll get attention and be regarded as heroic?
    Or both?

  10. Little Brother long time no see. Looked in my ‘likes’ and checked to see if you’re still here and sure enough.

    We will have free will in the heavens. Sin will not be a thing there but with free will it’s technically possible, 23 or the 24 principles fell, only archangel Michael remains. We are here to see how bad sin is, so we won’t in heaven when we take control of the fallen 23 principalities right after revelation 12. This is why all this sin is allowed at this time on earth.

  11. When I heard the first few notes of Mr. Roboto I got goosebumps…was totally not expecting that song after the video but when you started those verses it was perfect. I never fully grasped that song until now and I used to sing that song all the time! Great cover and way to end the video. God bless you! 🙏🏽


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