I watch these everyday. they started about 11 years ago.Contrails require at least 40% humidity in the atmosphere. these are year round,and I watch them spray only in front of the sun. Please excuse my sacasm throughout this video.but it blows me away the way people simply ignore it.

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  1. Yeah the ones in west Texas always seem to spread out to a feather type cloud. I argued with my brother about this when my daughter was around 4 and she could understand it better than him. She told me once when we were outside, hey daddy we should go inside because the airplanes are spraying that bad stuff! I said your right baby let's get inside. I told her that day that she should always question everything that the president, government, teachers, doctors and television says is true and to use the internet to get information about things from the government's own sources. She told me that she would but that I could teach her better than anyone. It's really hard for me to think about how I should have done more to help her understand about the world but it's mentally messed me up so I didn't want to completely freak her out and ruin her childhood. But now that she's turned 13, I'm going to have to try to explain some of the things that she should understand about what's happening and what's coming because I probably won't make it past the next couple of years if that. God bless you all.

  2. Hey Richie, I subscribed to your channel about 3 weeks ago and thought I'd go through your work over the years. You'll probably notice frequent comments from me on most of your videos so I apologise for the notifications in advance. Good video man, I am going to try and get some footage of planes flying over the decades and see if we can show the difference and find out when all this started and how long we have been sprayed for.

  3. March 2020, this was the first vid I ever saw of RFB. Man how things have changed. Look how blue that sky was. Do we ever see that anymore? Jehovah please have mercy on us. We need your help.

  4. @RichieFromBoston Richie your theory on chemtrails is wrong. If you watch at the start you'll see the so called plane going down. Then at 1:34 you pan over to that area again and the plane has barely moved down. This is because it's not in fact a plane but shape shifting demons. Also at 4:45 the plane disappears and in that amount of time it should have reappeared.

  5. Btw I have to mention chemtraisl spread out more or less depending on the altitude of the aircraft our compass proves all currents travel horizontally not vertically therefore the lower higher the altitude the wider spread of the molecules lower altitudes spread smaller distances

  6. Richie I have been working on airplanes for 7 years I am a very young man and have been watching your videos I would have never stumbled upon them unless I started looking into Mr Edward leedskalnin you have been on point since day 1 and I can prove everything very easily at the coral castle in homestead florida I don't know if you have read his work but it's mind blowing once you understand what the man was saying. I could help you make an amazing video that would blow anyone out of the water that watches it. It's all based off of a few peoples work including Nikola tesla. Watching your very first video at a time before i even used youtube is such a cool experience makes time feel so real.

  7. Bro I can't find your video uncovering The Dome or something like that. I've looked through your entire playlist and it seems someone has erased it it was the best video I've ever seen as you just talked over a text platform explaining the many government Flat Earth operations please repost it someone has erased it! It had a picture of three submarines on the thumbnail!!! And you explained how they have an opening from the Antarctica… acrossed from the Florida peninsula. Please re-upload it if you took it down! You have so many videos you probably wouldn't notice if someone was erasing them once in awhile!

  8. I ask friend why do only some jets make trails 😂 if it's just the condensation. Answer was must be different jets. STUPID. btw I also noticed Sunday is the heavy day. Wondering why. Sometimes when they disappear they make a u-turn and come back. I know cuz that's my best way to prove to another someone that it's not just an airline jet

  9. This must have been your 1st video? I couldn't find any older ones than this. Just wanted to tell ya, your a great man for putting the truth out there for us Richie. Thank you and MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

  10. I got it from one of your recent vids a link–>There was a part on that video (harvard solar geoengineering-spelling?) social science, what we know and what we ought to know, 17 minutes in, when the moderator, Edward parsons makes a Freudian slip about "steering the planet", and everyone in the room laughs and you see their 'back teeth', if you know what I mean. Check it out it's disgusting dude.

  11. What i wouldn't do to have an animation of me made…..i'm on cloud 9….that is a cloud isn't it….ah bugger its a chemtrail ! Well i'm up there anyway 🙂 I'm worried about Vince,i've written him so many messages and received no answers….AWOL perhaps 🙂

  12. This is jerk also known as john lee also known as elvischem trialpilot and many others! You got to laugh… These people say we are sad! wtf!?

    I'm happy to be who I am, standing in the truth me my heart and my eyes see. Happy within myself and my skin lol

    Bbet jerk could not say that, having to be so many different people… Who's the sad one again…?


    HUGS R X

  13. Bring it ! Your messages really did make me laugh out loud.Oh & i hope you don't mind,but could i possibly do a little part time stalker back at ya ?? Yeah i know i'm not in Vince's league,but i'm willing to learn,just give me a chance,just give me a break….PWEASE…..you know i won't let you down,i'd be ever so grateful.You know how much i want to stalk you……………………………..A Lot ! Piss off Vince,she's my quarry now ! Lol he he


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