Originally aired on March 13, 2015

THE BIBLE MENTIONS SEVERAL CLASS OF ANGELS with physical descriptions that resemble nothing of what we see from medieval paintings and holiday cards. Our first three-peat guest, Josh Peck, returns to discuss his new book CHERUBIM CHARIOTS: Exploring the Extradimensional Hypothesis to straighten us all out about what angels actually looked like, what they were made for, and why they appear in the Bible. We explores passages from the book of Zechariah, Ezekiel, and even Revelation, and discuss all the traits of angels mentioned throughout the Word of God. We also explore Josh’s finding of the “topographical space man” where outlines of aliens saluting the Hitler sign were found in locations that reflect the fallen angels of Genesis 6. And in good Canary Cry Radio fashion, we dig out as much as possible from Josh’s next book, tentatively titled Cosmic Creation.

While this episode has all the qualities that you’ve become used to from Canary Cry Radio, there are also some things that you might not expect. Because Josh has been a good friend, not just to the show, but in “real life,” we tend to get off track and just start joking around, which a good portion of this episode contains. For those who might find it offensive, there is a time-code to help you weed out any unnecessary banter. For long time listeners, this might just be the most fun episode yet because of the level of silliness that was on display.



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  1. Jim Wilhelmsen believes he was abducted by the Nordic race of aliens to be advanced for an undisclosed purpose. He was abducted until he decided not to cooperate. He believes salvation stops the abductions.

  2. When you stay on topic, it's pretty interesting, but I admit I couldn't finish listening once Josh started babbling on about Gonz finishing his book.  Love you guys, but that was the extent of my patience.  😉


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