But was anything really busted? I mean the real perps are running the asylum and the evidence of child sacrifice and abuse goes back all the way before NASA, but hey throw them a couple dozens creepy old white guys and the masses will feel vindicated.

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  2. I wanted to share this demonic display of an evil clown holding up a dismembered to kid screaming in horror I would almost guarantee that recording came from a real kid 😢
    here's the link

  3. The people in the police picture look like they are involved in the process instead of the actual position of using the children in perverse ways so they are the traffickers not the abusers per say

  4. 24 out of how many of these evil minions of the devil……There’s millions of them worldwide,how deep does it go?How many innocent children have been sacrificed to these devious fucks and it continues to grow in every walk of life.It seems that people just don’t care or want to know about this epidemic of evil…

  5. A few of those mug shots/photos were duplicates. So, was it '24' men? As for wanting or calling for summary executions of these 24, well, be careful what you wish for, because it can be done to any of us. Need a trial of your peers. And yes, those sites are 'commonly used by pedophiles' because they were set up by those higher up in the food chain as entrapments — only when it's expedient, to throw some bones to the public – and because, let us face it, the higher ups ultimately don't like any competition. Those websites will persist for as long as they are useful to those in control of communication(s). After all, WHY was the 'internet' -the world wide web – given to the public in the first place?

  6. How do we know these guys actually exist. This ring of people don't look like they would hang out together and get organized. They could be scapegoats. I'm always skeptical in this day and age.

  7. What is most precious to Americans,and gets people very emotional??Every time the government wants to distract the sheep. They bring out the child sex stories and bust a few child molesters

  8. I to question why the commonly used web site by the sick twisted child molesters is still up and running. Makes no sense. But neither does allowing cigarettes and alcohol to be sold when it's been proven both will kill you. The government is saying, yes, these things are bad but if you really want it, it's OK. We will just tax the hell out of you till you die. The child molesters are allowed to roam free and ruin lives until they so called, catch them. They know these things are taking place and do very little if anything at all to stop it. Arrest a few of them every now and then just to look as if they really care. Evidently they don't care that much or the web sites would be shut down. It's a screwed up world we live in. Things will not get any better. People, keep a close eye on your kids. Don't take any chances, and don't take anything or anyone for granted.


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