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  1. Hahaha! You're awesome. That was awesome! The end to that video was perfect. I lol'd. Not because the subject matter is funny – quite the contrary!
    It's horrible the shit they do and think it's so great and those who perpetuate lulling of the masses into unquestioning adoration of brilliant science and all its wonders regardless of the means to their ends, which is to be forgotten in the wake of spectacular technological fixes!
    It's remarkable even and it's fantastic to the point of being delightfully shocking to hear a real person sound off on a world gone mad. Kudos to you! I think it's great what you're saying and how you view this crap because, science and modern medicine should be bright enough to see the grand scheme of things – that things could and should be so simple, and correct and sane as I think you've put it, and yet sadly, few if any, so called, "brilliant minds;" establishment itself, have the wisdom to know (or maybe they don't want us to remember in the first place!) and better yet guide people back to the simple reality that:
    an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure!

    In regards to the way you perceive the reality of wtf these stupid geniuses are really doing, you're right! Why not, overall, be concerned with fixing the root cause of cancer?
    It's mind blowing and near unbearable that the, "norm," way of thinking is to basically, not.
    "Everything's fine!"
    Let's all applaud brilliance canceled out by a staggering oversight in acknowledging the big picture. Applaud that which furthers scientific research even if in its brilliant innovations it still warrants that the masses become deathly ill, first, and then saved by our stunningly heroic technology.
    It boggles the mind!
    That rather than put our humanity's brilliance to good and proper use, the dismissal of such a simple concept makes medicine and science, and perhaps society, a mockery of itself!
    Why be so smart yet so stupid?
    Unless it's on purpose.
    They're not really concerned with stopping cancer. Let alone stopping cancer by means of preventing the abuse of the environment or fixing the attitudes of the human beings and their behaviors within said environment that result in cancer. It's all bs! They want populations to decrease and their advances in medicine are a bonus? I feel if they really wished to fix things they'd go a less, round about way, about it. Lol.

    I'm glad you see it. And say something. Haha! The one time that slogan (😴 "See something/ say something,") was actually ever worth a fuck!
    It sucks it's like this, but I'm glad at least you see this shit. And have the balls to say something about it. FTW! You're awesome! Keep it up. Thank you. God bless.

  2. Great. The precursor to the Mark of the Beast. MADE IN CHINA OF COURSE!

    BTW RFB, heading into a near-week long bout of dark, gray, rain, storms, etc. in Dallas, which is very unusual for us this time of year. VERY. Can't imagine why.

  3. RichieFromBoston I remember when I moved from NM to GA I always found myself saying to everyone for a very long time "I miss my blue skies" I thought it was gray and yucky because of Atlanta pollution. Duh! lol That's how I was fooled. I really really really do miss blue skies! We used to love the rare days that we had clouds, big fluffy clouds. My friends and I would hike the Sandia Mtns and lay down on top to stare at those fluffy clouds to see what figures we could see in them. Miss that too. Just thought I'd share. Love your videos, love your realism. Life is about learning & we are all in this thing together so … God bless you Richie for all you do.


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