1. How? China has stopped all communications with the U.S. They went silent after Pelosi's visit. And why would they announce to Washington when they plan to make their move on Taiwan?

  2. If indeed China has plans to take over Taiwan in Nov, why would top officials in China tell the US when this will happen? I mean… in any war, any era, this makes no sense..

  3. Hello Steve! I’ve been a long time subscriber for about the last 7-8yrs now and I’ve noticed a shift in your videos since Covid.

    Your info or intel sources are starting to sound very shady & untrustworthy. I hope you realize that many of your subscribers are starting to leave because you appear to always keep things cryptic or don’t really say much. All those meetings & you still haven’t said anything. I’m afraid I’m going to have to unsubscribe soon because nothing you’ve been saying as of late is being confirmed in my spirit.

    GOD bless you & your wife.

  4. Just wanted to give you a heads up the audio on your latest video is only coming through one channel so when you’re listening to headphones it’s really bad. I’m not nip picking just trying to help out. And one of those weird people that can’t use headphones and have the audio only coming through one side lol. And I listen to most of my videos while I’m trying to work.

  5. Remember…Satan fooled Eve with enticing her with " knowledge". The Holy Spirit lead's, this man is not right about most things he predicts. God bless you always, follow Jesus Christ not Steve.

  6. Well Joe does work for China, so when China tells Joe what their next move is, it does not surprise me. I;m sure pelosi going to taiwan was all part of their plans, Everything is preplanned before it happens.

  7. Question: We recently had a lightning strike at the White House that Killed a few out front. This just happened right after Nancy Pelosi visited Taiwan.
    A few days later There's a Lightning Strike on an oil refinery in Cuba that was big.
    Is this a potential Showing off of Star Wars Weather Weapon Tech. Plasma Lightning?
    The Tech is out there. I could imagine a response from "China Russia" for the Taiwan Visit as a Threat, Being Immediately answered by the United States at the "China Russia" Oil Refinery in Cuba. As they are using oil as a Weapon and focusing on our Southern Flank. Possible? I see you have a year ago posted e video on "Plasma Lightning" anyone care to add

  8. 👍…. My big question is.. where are the videos regarding the days & days of secret meetings going on the whole month of July we heard so much about.,& current meetings being attended in Aug ?? 🤷‍♀️. ……. Just wondering…..

  9. Nothing you have said for 5 years brother has come to pass.

    Do you ever think that maybe your "intelligence" has SWAYED YOU THE WRONG WAY ON PURPOSE?
    all your meetings….you haven't been right about anything. They are using you for mis information OR you know this and are in on it. If you wanna keep your following YOU NEED TO SET THE RECORD STRAIGHT.


  10. Steven we both know the agenda but it all seems so far out in left field. Seems like GOD has already taken their minds and brains completely out of reality an replaced them with mush. I asked JESUS to please show me what's really going on an I always see it before they do their evil. Apparently they haven't given " forever and ever " a second thought. They don't understand when the anti christ sets his deal up its goodnight Irene for all of them because we know he won't share his kingdom with them because he wants ALL the glory for himself. Then it's gonna be an OH MY moment for them.

  11. I think America went Taiwan on purpose to invoke China to wipeout them and America tries to take over the chip industry since we passed hundreds in billions bill.

  12. Under those circumstances, what's wrong with a war? It's going to occur regardless. War is NOT always the worst option. It's preferable to compromise. And its especially favorable as compared to succumbing to bribery.

  13. How many time does one have to be wrong to be misleading?? You can use YOUR OWN MIND ( brain ) to think with.. it's like a prophet if they prophesy something and it doesn't come to pass, the Bible says that they are False prophet & teacher to STOP LISTENING to THEM. So if you still listen 2 him ( YOU CAN'T BLAME Steve !!) Jesus has WARN US IN HIS WORD , ON HOW TO TELL OF A FALSE TEACHER… SO WHO THEN ARE YOU GOING TO BELIEVE A MAN OR GOD???? go over to the ( Midnight Ride ) with David Carrico


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