China Signals it will Back North Korea in War end times news update

China won’t sell out North Korea, no matter how much it should, and that sends a message to the rest of the world.

Who would you rather have in your corner? Who is going to stand by you when times are tough? China or America?

Officially China may not be too happy about the way that North Korea is acting. Or maybe it is.

China isn’t too worried that Obama will actually drop his golf clubs and stand up to the Communist banker of his welfare state. It doesn’t want to appear too crazy in public, but it has moved to a more militarist stance and North Korean aggressiveness serves its interests by tying up the United States in Korea while allowing its leaders to be the ones who claim to have the choke hold on the Nuclear Hound of North Korea.

But if push does come to shove, then China has North Korea’s back. Unlike Obama Inc. which only has the Muslim Brotherhood’s back.

China continued moving tanks and armored vehicles and flying flights near North Korea this week as part of a military buildup in the northeastern part of the country that U.S. officials say is related to the crisis with North Korea.

The Obama administration, meanwhile, sought to play down the Chinese military buildup along the border with Beijing fraternal communist ally despite the growing danger of conflict following unprecedented threats by Pyongyang to attack the United States and South Korea with nuclear weapons.

The buildup appears linked to North Korea’s March 30 announcement that it is in a state of war with South Korea after the United Nations imposed a new round of sanctions following the North’s Feb. 12 2013 nuclear test and because of ongoing large-scale joint U.S.-South Korea military exercises.

The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) troop and tank movements were reported in Daqing, located in northeastern Heilongjiang Province, and in the border city of Shenyang, in Liaoning Province.

Officials said one key military unit involved in the mobilization is the 190th Mechanized Infantry Brigade based in Benxi, Liaoning Province. The brigade is believed to be the PLA’s frontline combat unit that would respond to any regional conflict or refugee flows. Troops and tank movements also were reported in Dandong, in Liaoning Province.

Fighter jets were reported flying in larger numbers in Fucheng, Hebei Province, and in Zhangwu and Changchun, Liaoning Provinces.

Additionally, the troop buildup is a signal to Pyongyang that China will abide by its defense commitment to North Korea in the event of renewed conflict.

If the PRC really wanted to discourage North Korea’s misbehavior, then it would avoid the buildup. After all the only thing China really has to worry about is a flood of refugees and it doesn’t need jets or tanks to deal with them.

The message being sent is that China, unlike the United States, doesn’t abandon its allies.

Obama may have sold out Poland on missile defense and sold out the UK on the Falklands and Israel on Hamas. Obama sold out Mubarak and the leaders of most American allies in the Middle East.

March 31st 2013 Presstv reports – Russian president Putin orders unscheduled military drill in Black Sea Russian President Vladimir Putin has ordered an unexpected military exercise involving dozens of ships and thousands of troops in the Black Sea.

Presidential spokesman Dmitry Peskov said Thursday that Putin issued the order for the large-scale maneuvers overnight as he flew back from the South African city of Durban after a two-day summit of the BRICS group of emerging powers.

Peskov further said the drill is aimed at testing the battle-readiness of Russia’s Black Sea units.

“These are large-scale unannounced test exercises. The main goal is to check the readiness and cohesion of the various units,” he said.

According to a Kremlin statement, the drill will involve 36 vessels, up to 7,000 troops and an unspecified number of aircraft. However, the statement did not specify how long the exercise would last.

Russian foreign affairs analyst said “It is flexing muscles and may have more to do with what is happening in the Mediterranean, around Syria, than in the Black Sea.”

In January, Russia launched its largest naval exercises in decades in the Mediterranean and Black Seas near the territorial waters of Syria.

Moscow said the drills were “held in line with the Russian Armed Forces’ 2013 combat training plan,” and focused on “interoperability of task forces from several fleets while on a mission in a far-off maritime zone.”

In addition to Georgia and Ukraine, Russia shares the Black Sea with Turkey, Bulgaria and Romania.



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  2. Technollgy the USA is the most developed country on this planet so think again to kill you some have to use a weapon to wipe you out is easy when you have alot top people a round

  3. This means what ? China and Russia hate each other. Vietnam hates China. They're on the brink of war right now, or they were in January. Everyone's going to war with someone. If it's against us, nut up and join the fight.

  4. USA has been threatening world for past 75 years ….

    Others developed weapons to protect themselves from USA , then USA claims others are all bad , ….. North Korea occupies no country .. USA occupies 167 countries… USA is threat to world security …

  5. Funny how a news about China announcing it'll aid North Korea if some country attacks it turned into whether China will invade the US. Man public education system failed, people can't even distinguish defense and offence. It's like on a playground, a kid says that he'll beat any kid that picks on the creepy little kid that loves to piss people off, does that mean that kid is gonna come to other kids' house and torch them down?

  6. I absolutely "love" it how the preview picture of the "chinese" army that presumably would back up north korea is actually a picture of the national revolution army, which was the army that fought the japanese and eventually the communist, being one of the allies in ww2, and later became the army of taiwan(officially known as republic of china, if you think you are confused, so is george w bush). That just makes the whole article Sooooo much more professional.

  7. Kaleb. Your'e obviously an edgy 12 -14 year old american. Please shut the fuck up about things you do understand and people like the guy in the video have been around since the dawn of mankind screaming war and how the world is going to end. The us, russia, and china are not going to war, they all realize it would be suicide and they can pretty much do whatever the hell they want working together as they do now.

  8. Kinda think both of you are kinda stupid. America's are brainwash by watching tv and listening to music. Everything that you think is good is to distract you from what's really going on. Even what you eat is either scientifically genetically made foods. They have been try to take our freedom for years.

    I do not think it will be n.korea that takes us I think it will be china I mean the trillions that we pay little by little back to them. They use it to build their army. What's next let them decide I'm in the mountains in the middle of nowhere I think I'm good.

  9. Uh this guy misconstrued the definition of cold war. Cold war was a proxy war between Soviet (now extinct) and USA where subservient nations and banana republics were fraught violently and savagely over. People need to go to school. . The shit is happening today. We won't pledge to China because China can't total annihilate. We still fight proxy wars with Moscow (Soviet remains)- significantly weaker than It's glory days. We need a little peace in the world

  10. Third, China would NEVER be foolish enough to attack the US. If so, the US would cease all Chinese assets in country, boycott their products (50% of their economy is tied to US) and say screw the $1 trillion we owe you. Thus, it would DESTROY their economy.

    And 4th, and MOST IMPORTANTLY – if China attempted to attack the US – it would would require thousands of transport ships to get millions of troops here — many of which would be destroyed in transit.

    REALITY –> not going to happen!

  11. First – the US does not owe China $10 trillion – more like a trillion to Chinese banks. Second, the Chinese government owes the USA $600 billion (with interest included) for US assets, investments ceased by Mao after the revolution – plus refusal to pay back Lend Lease Aid during WWII. This debt has been upheld in international court.

    Second, and most importantly, China does not have the ability to invade the US. Plus, US military has a MASSIVE advantage with over 1000 bases on foreign soil.

  12. From the fact that every war we start, w/in 5yrs we are fighting 2-3 more. And with every country we invade, it is disrupting the countries surrounding the invasion, so like Rome we are becoming. Your right, and as soon as legislation is passed limiting and then restricting gun owners in this country, you will see an invasion. They can try now, but they know they will fail. Why would China w/5X the population and tech not invade to get their 10Trillion dollars owed them from our Resources?

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