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  1. Let's say it's over and God is going to being us to heaven . Beating a dead horse because it is dead don't make it any better. We can't fix it we can only start over when god destroys them all. You know it has to fall on it's face first then good will pick up the pieces. The End.

  2. I pray for this nation often. I have noticed in Eugene Oregon the skies have been blue and zero chemtrails for the last 2 weeks. Of course I am expecting a giant earthquake here soon. they are draining the dams and then never do that until fall. summer is the time when the reservoirs are full for recreation. but they are rapidly draining them.

  3. Hey Ritchie, im a targeted individual as well. From Colorado ps I love your video. I have always thought about that as well if everybody focused on one thing at the same time what we can accomplish. I love that idea because it something I have thought of as well

  4. Yes! I have prayed the chemtrails away, in the name of Jesus Christ. I do it anytime the chemtrails are above my home. Sometimes, it takes 5 minutes for them to go away, other times it takes an hour, but they go completely away.

  5. Let's do it! I pray concerning the weather and such. They can pray all they want to false gods, but their gods can't hear them and won't deliver them from the hand of The Almighty Creator, Our God and Savior Jesus Christ.

  6. God has removed chemtrails over my home through prayer more than once. It was amazing to watch the planes attack that patch of blue sky over my property to no avail.

  7. I gotta stop watch you cause even though you have some good knowledge your religion stops you from being legit. Your religion is personal it has nothing to do with what's going on.

  8. Richie, look into the original languages of both OT and NT. You do not need to be a scholar just be able to use interlinear software. The scribes and Pharisees (Roman censors) have altered the text to confound Christians. Most blatant is the NT books in the wrong order to not demonstrate Paul's teaching of a different doctrine than the Christ. Please look into it.

  9. Israel has sterilized all of the Ethiopian SEMETIC Jews who immigrated there. They finally admitted it. What big pharma company shipped 10's of thousands of doeses of Depro provera to Israel without asking any questions? Netanyahu said they did it because the Africans presented a threat to the existence of Israel but they are responsible for the invasion of immigrants to Germany, all over Europe.

  10. I did that Richie and it works. I did it more than once just to make sure it was not a coincidence. Several times it has worked. I bind the powers of the demons in Yahusha Ha'Mashiak's name (Jesus Christ;s name).


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