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Original Air Date: September 1 2021

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  1. Dear friend, genuine repentance and recitation of those words will protect you from calamities:

    "F a l u n   D a f a is Good" and "Truth, Compassion, Forbearance is Good".
    F a l u n  D a f a is a spiritual self cultivation practice that is based on the principles of the Universe:

    真 Truthfulness
    善 Compassion
    忍 Forbearance

    It includes gentle exercises and meditation. Thanks to F a l u n  D a f a, millions of people regain health, peace of mind and obtain spiritual
    fulfillment. Since the year 1999 this peaceful practice has been brutally persecuted by the CCP (Chinese communist party) in China.

  2. AMEN a thousand times over🔥🔥
    Oh, how your words, Chris, resonated in my spirit as TRUTH revealed…..and, Steve, I loved your response at one point…. THAT'S good news! YES, Truth always brings FREEDOM! ✝️🔥

  3. Ditto: We know everything that has happened is deliberate. But whoa to all involved. God will bring justice for all of the evil that has been done since the theft of the election , before and after ❤☝🙏

  4. I didn’t unsubscribe because I don’t believe you’re a good person I unsubscribed because in the last 4 years I’ve learned allot about 501c3 taxes and what they’ve done to America’s Church, I’m 64 years old and I’ve been to allot of Different churches in my life, I never felt The Holy Ghost in any but one & that Church was burned down in the 90’s. Please research & take Paul’s help in getting out of 501c3 because I Believe With All My Heart Our Lord WILL take care of everything, You’ll THRIVE. Faith✝️🕊🌻

  5. CHINA HAS BEEN BUYING PROPERTY ALL AROUND US N OKLAHOMA!!!! It is LEGAL…FOR SOME INSANE REASON…for un-Americans to buy American property!! I called our reps about this…i dont understand WHY this is allowed!!

  6. The LORD kept revealing to me, June 6, 2021 and since, to pray and be expectant for September. HE will be glorified in spite of the evil doers. HE is a just and HOLY Almighty FATHER 🙌🏼

  7. Chris misspoke. Yom Kippur is the Day of Atonement. The Most Holy of Jewish days. This falls on September 16th-17th this year.
    Rashashana, the Jewish new year, is the feast of trumpets. This will be September 6th-8th this year. Both dates are on the gregorian calendar.
    Amanda Grace spoke about this 9/2/21 on Elijah Streams. She also prophesied an October surprise. Prophets prophecy in part. This goes along with Chris's there is something coming with the upcoming Holy days!

  8. OBAMA/Biden DID EVERYTHING IN AFGHANISTAN ON PURPOSE JUST LIKE THEY DID IN BENGHAZI! Afghanistan was intentional Biden Clearly had Dementia NOBODY COULD BE TALKING NOW! NOBODY I don’t care how much drugs they used!


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