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Christian Cage made some shooty comments on Jeff Hardy! Oli and Tempest review AEW Dynamite from July 6th, 2022.

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  1. If Los Ingobernables are introducing a 3rd member to the faction who hasn’t been a member previously and is currently part of the AEW roster, my guess/hope is Kip Sabian. He’s worn a suit everytime he’s been in the AEW crowd (since returning from injury). His mask has been a cardboard box. His current gimmick is not caring about being under appreciated/overlooked. And he can be the faction member who eats the pins in multi man matches. Not to mention that Penelope Ford could be a female recruit if they were to have one. Kip’s my favorite wrestler currently but I don’t think his past work was really sticking. This new character could really get over with La Faccion and make him & Penelope the most interesting they’ve been through their AEW run so far. Plus the group could run some exciting feuds to in ROH as the big bads that the faces are trying to stop. Thoughts?

  2. I don't think it was too far what Christian Cage said about Jeff Hardy
    It was more aimed at Matt
    I certainly have been offended in the past like using Roman reigns leukemia to further the Dean Ambrose Seth Rollins feud in 2018
    It's far removed from the Jeff Hardy Sheamus 2020 feud which literally ended in a bar
    I don't think it's gonna turn into a story with Christian and Jeff Hardy
    As for the rest of the show it was pretty good as usual
    No complaints on my side
    The usual fun two hours

  3. But Jeff Hardy IS a loser for drunk driving. Mox voluntarily went to rehab. Jeff was forced there. You may unable to control your addiction but drunk driving is a choice. Christian on their Table for 3 with Hardyz and the E&C also said to Jeff “hey, we got you an Uber.” They may be friends for 20 years but I am sure Christian probably does think his actions are shitty lmao

  4. What does Jeff being in rehab have to do with him not being in a good state of mind to consent to those comments? He's not drunk or on drugs in rehab. He's not anaesthetized. If anything his mind should be clear.

  5. Personally I think Tony needs to make his money somehow for that (most likely) large contract he gave him and this was the only way…and I can imagine Christian and matt spoke about it first (and Jeff probably gave the go ahead too if he's in contact)

  6. Nothing on how AEW keeps making a huge deal about going one minute over show time?

    You're also complaining about how Tony uses Jericho when Jericho is his favourite wrestler. He's the main event, not the titles.

  7. I’m not saying it didn’t look awful, but I think they were not allowed to have one of the guys hold Ruby because it would be a very “real” image of violence against women. If Tay had another heel girlfriend it could have worked. But if Sammy was holding another women in place to hurt her it would be a bad look.

  8. The AEW universe exist in the landscape of all wrestling and life matters. The WWE exists in the realm of nothing in reality ever happened. No wrestling company, no life issues nothing outside the script ever happens. Like a Movie.
    So if a heel is being a heel. You would say what you think would make the goodguy mad. He did. He did the jeff line, he ragged on matts runs. 5 years ago no one would have a issue with this.


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