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  1. I’m wondering if two people choosing to date should be seen more as a clause/a decision. Based on seeing how compatible you are (romance aside). And also, I’m coming to understand why ‘arranged’ marriages are not all that bad. Two people look at their compatibility and figure out if it can work.

  2. Everything you said in this video was on point. The talking stage is as far as I've gotten. It's ROUGH out here!

    What urks my nerve is that in my 20's, I met plenty of men that mentioned God and Jesus all over their dating profile, but as soon as I mentioned sexual abstinence until after marriage (which is obvious in scripture) then all of the sudden they were like "Oh, I'm not that serious about God" or they would run. One dude had the nerve to try to misinterpret the Greek for the word fornication to justify bragging about doing it. INSTANT BLOCK.

    One guy was a son of two pastors (both his mom and dad were in ministry), but he obsessed talking about oral sex and pepper sprayed a chick in the eyes when a date went wrong…BLOCKED. This would happen for both "Christian" men in and out of the "church" building. Like I said, it's ROUGH out here!

  3. Lol u don't even want to know how long the talking stage was let's just say it's was more than 365 days 🤦🏾‍♀️ But I never expressed my PEW Points…. In the end he left…. 🤷🏾‍♀️

  4. Thanks for speaking on this.. this is a 101 class on what turns women into cold hard nosed brick walls when a "good man finally comes along".
    No need to ask what's your problem who hurt you? Show empathy and assume she likely:
    101- Has been led on and dumped
    102- Been cheated on
    103-Been lied to profusely by multiple men making it hard for her to believe that not all men are liars and out for self..
    104- Seen, or experienced DL men that use heterosexual women as covers.
    105- Experienced abuse/trauma of some kind, emotional, sexual/rape or physical.

    The hard shell is a protection. Quite honestly how many men could go through half the trauma and mismanagement women go through and still pull through with a wink and a smile with a red lip and stiletto as soft feminine and demure as they started??..

    And furthermore men as a PSA if you know you that fit in one of the aforementioned categories don't act so obtuse about the issue like you have nooo idea how/ why a woman would feel guarded.

    **As foretold Selfishness of mankind would be in the increase in the last days while empathy and love on the decrease.

    **LBB I would love for you to do a video on this topic, if you already have please refer me to it.

  5. Wow that facts!! You’re good at explaining and articulating these situations, keep it up!

    One of the reasons people stay in talking stage for so long is cos one is interested and keeps making effort but the other simply enjoys the attention from the opposite sex so keeps leading the other on/ responding. Once everyone (from both sides) knows their value doesn’t come from others attention/ opinion but from God, and knows their self worth, then this situation would happen less.


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