Words of wisdom form a holy man offering guidance and boundaries for young people or christian singles entering into romantic relationships (christian courtship). Dating or courtship from a biblical perspective.

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  1. Dating is not even biblical. In the Bible a man would arrange with a girls father and pay a bride price, than usually after a period of preparation he would go get his bride. See the marriage of Isaac and Rebecca, no marriage license and they had sex the first day they met but it was for life. People have no business “dating” unless they are looking for marriage and commitment otherwise it’s just planned fornication. Sex is covenant also it is lawful for a man to take additional wives, Exodus 21:10

  2. I looooove paul washer…..guys please i would love to meet this pastor he has made my faith in God grow……please i want to meet him if only he would come visit us in Africa uganda ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️


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