Christian Dating Advice for Men

Every guy is different. We all have some unique gifts and challenges. So not all of this Christian dating advice will apply to all Christian men. I’ll have to make some generalizations . But I believe these 6 pieces of dating advice apply to many Christian men.

1. Think About Your Future Together, Not Your Fantasy
2. Before You Pursue a Life Partner, Stop Watching Porn
3. Be the Type of Man She Would Want
4. Don’t Turn Her Purity Into Your Sacred Cow
5. Make Sure Both of Your Life Trajectories Are Similar Enough
6. Marry Someone Who Respects You, Not Someone Who Worships You

For more information about each of these 6 dating tips for Christian men, read this article with all the Bible verses and info to back them up:

Problems with the some “Christian” views on purity:

Free eBook to help with sexual temptation:



  1. I keep on searching for advice about dating and no one seems to be answering the right questions.
    These points are so pointless and not hitting the real issues about dating as a christian.

  2. 100%! I walk a string spiritual walk and won't accept anything less than what my Father has for me!
    I always love your videos and so in time with the word and being led by the Lord…

  3. I don't have high standards I don't think men usually do at this point I would go on a date with anyone who doesn't want to hookup first thing claims to be christian and isn't over 200 lbs

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  5. I’ve been trying to be patient and wait for God to lead me to finding a girl that I could marry but recently I’ve been feeling so alone. My heart longs for a relationship and I’m struggling to trust in God’s plan for my life.

  6. ok thanks for the advice, great advice. Two questions: can you expand on beauty because I always wanted an Esther someone who is beautiful on the inside and out? Why cant I get that? What's wrong with looking for a virgin?

  7. Do natural popular dating manual like Troplusfix Dating Secrets really work and if so, how effective are they? We have heard numerous awesome things about this popular dating course.

  8. Thank you so much for this. My little brother is 19 and he’s becoming very toxic in his relationships as he also keeps getting into relationships that are destined to fail. He always listens to me and my advise so when I talk to him soon I hope I’ll be able to get these points across to him as well as you did

  9. Great video! I am ashamed that I never was able to totally overcome porn but after I got married it did in fact get exponentially easier and basically end that problem.

  10. My question is about life trajectory. I very much see the purpose of marriage being to bear and raise children. Yet, I typically see girls around my age (I'm 23) wanting to go to college and pursue careers of their own. Not only is there never any mention of marriage or family, but I see on of my roles as a husband being the provider for my family. I simply don't need a woman who is able to provide for herself.
    One other thing is that my gift is easily service to others. I enjoy helping others and stepping up in little ways wherever possible. So, naturally, I also want that samd servant-heart in a woman. Yet, the only ones I've seen these in (servant-heart, no real career ambition) are 16/17 and I think that's a bit too young.

    Do you have any advice for this? Is there anything I should be looking for that might indicate a desire for family, even while she's maybe going to college and pursuing some occupational skill?

  11. I agree with about pron and sexural addiction and honestly I need to over come on this with God help and also in other things you michen and I would like to be with the right woman that what you have said

  12. This should be much higher on the search results for single christian male searches. The best presentation I've seen yet. Thanks man. Liked and subscribed. Even hit the little bell.

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