What should you do when you want to be in a Christian relationship but nothing you try seems to work?

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  1. My ex and I whom i had dated for 9 years broke up because he had impregnated another girl it took me a year to totally heal with prayer and testimonies from others finally was able to start dating again met a guy we dated for 3 months and I just didn’t love him and I wanted to so bad coz all the other guys i met i ddnt like or love them either at that time my ex whom i loved sooo much reached out apologized and asked if we can reunite i hesitated at 1st but ended up getting back with him after 2 months of being together I find out that i am pregnant and things are still good but he recently told me that the girl whom he had cheated on me with the 1st time is also pregnant and it happened become me and him got back together and only found out later
    My battle is his family wants him to be with that woman again and even told him to let her move in with him again they don’t know about my pregnancy and i am in a different country now for a job and I’m so confused and defeated
    I asked him if his with her and he said no she is with me but i am with you.. what does that even mean please pray for me please and advice me on what to do

  2. Every time I've come close to being in a relationship, something happens financially and I am forced to move away. The first time it was family related ( I was a teenager back then and my parents lost their jobs. We had to move to another town.) This time, I was working, minding my own business and then a great guy was interested in me…BOOM, I was laid off and finally had to move back in with my parents a 1,000 miles away. As an adult, I'm tired of this happening to me–it's weird because my other siblings always had the opportunity to date. What's so special about me? (Not being vain on this question.) 🙁

  3. Let's be honest here the whole problem with dating and Christan or any religious women is plan and simple feminism and the lies that they fell into. Feminism was an attack on family's and morals and now has put a huge divide between men and women to the point of hate towards each other. Till the church stands up and starts acting like the church nothing will change

  4. I had 2 failed relationship , I also tried dating sites but seems not working. I think this is a sign that I have to focus on God and to myself 🙏. From now, I don't depends on people's or boyfriend or any one's Love because I know it will failed one day..
    I'm stronger after the Pain..
    I think this is good so , little troubles I can overcome.
    I'm still thankful to God for the people who came to my life as an experienced and build me more effective in Christian Life.

  5. The best is to pray. Look for Gods guides. Sometimes God needs to mold us before giving us a mate.sometimes even the kind of people we like to get involved with. Is not for you. Trust me he'll let you know. God bless you💛

  6. Children of the most High God greetings , I have tried online dating but didn't work for me , I meet the wolfs in sheepskin ,who brought only distractions with my walk with the Lord , I decided to focus on God, our God is the same yesterday, today & for ever ,who can do exceedingly above all ,people of God ,God is not a lair ,let's wait and trust Him ,God 's time is the best ,He is the God of the impossibility ,in fact He is waiting for us to call Him , MAY GOD BLESS ALL OF US WITH DIVINE MARRIAGES THIS 2019 IN JESUS 'NAME

  7. I quit online dating for good reasons, Im 48,never been married, no family, in my case,online dating was the wrong road to take, some claimed to be Christian, would meet them, and they were nothing but, secular sites, of course, meat markets, Christian sites, some liars. For years off and on dated online, and some had demons in them that showed themselves after awhile that I got away from online dating after almost being destroyed by 2 different men.. I stay alone now, and glorify god and he will send me an answer one day, because, online, was not for me., that is pretty clear. So I pray for that opportunity and that man to one day want to meet me,and be with me. I know from this video that online dating is the sure bet to meet and date, but God made it clear, the one he has for me, is not on a computer

  8. I can't believe that people still date in the #MeToo era?
    I only wish I had never believed the marriage fantasy I was sold. I personally hope for the best for all of you, pray hard and never ever let your mate effect your relationship with God.

    It is far better to be alone, than to be in bad company.

    (George Washington)

  9. I’ve tried online dating and got a handful of dates out of it but nothing was seaming to stick. It was a blessing to get as many dates as I did but it was exhausting having to go on multiple first dates in a couple month span.

    I’m personally taking a couple months off to focus on my relationship with the Lord and wait on him. I don’t think there’s anything wrong with taking a break, but if you truly desire marriage we gotta keep trying.

  10. The last two years I'm struggling of feeling really single/alone. I wanna to keep working on my relationship with God, but from Friday (5th of April) I think I have a depression from this. I know that everything what God is doing right now will 'make sense', but like I said I'm lonely. This video just showed me, that I need to keep going. Thank you.

  11. Christians shouldn't date, that's why its always nothing but problems. You should ask and pray for YHVH (God) to send you who you are supposed to be with (to get married to), then you have to be patient and wait, whilst showing YHVH (God) you REALLY CAN live by His Commandments, Laws and Rules in The Holy Bible.

    "That is why a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife, and they become one flesh." – Genesis 2:24

    If you're out there having sex, sleeping around and unmarried, then you are on your way to Hell.

    Yahshua (Jesus) The Messiah Saves.

    Peace and love.


  12. Proverbs 4:10 says,
    Listen, my son. Accept my words, and you will live many years. I am teaching you the way of wisdom; I am guiding you on straight paths. When you walk, your steps will not be hindered; when you run, you will not stumble. Hold on to instruction; don’t let go. Guard it, for it is your life. Don’t set foot on the path of the wicked; don’t proceed in the way of evil ones. Avoid it; don’t travel on it. Turn away from it, and pass it by. For they can’t sleep unless they have done what is evil; they are robbed of sleep unless they make someone stumble. They eat the bread of wickedness and drink the wine of violence. The path of the righteous is like the light of dawn, shining brighter and brighter until midday. But the way of the wicked is like the darkest gloom; they don’t know what makes them stumble."

    Proverbs 4:10‭-‬19

    Proverbs 12:24
    "The diligent hand will rule, but laziness will lead to forced labor.*

  13. Do you want to know even better advice? How about we start doing the teachings/focusing on Jesus instead of these relationships that would distract us from going about our Fathers business. Then once God sees your heart is fully on Him, THEN, God will bring the right person in your life IF it is part of His will. So many so called Christians are deceived. That God wants us to be filled with money, relationships etc. Did it ever occur to you that maybe God wants you to forsake all and follow Him and take up your own cross. In fact that's what Jesus taught to all believers. Personally in my life I'm being persecuted for preaching the good news of the gospel. I'll be praying for you. Please pray for me to overcome this world too.

  14. I am quite confused to what you are saying🤔You seems to imply that online dating is not really recommended. But at the same time , you were saying that if one has a hard time looking for a friend, mate whatever..then online dating is A WISE CHOICE! Which side really are you on? You might be giving mixed messages esp. the young people.🤔

  15. Great timing. I know online dating works for some people but the main ones, tinder, pof, okc, are used for hookups,for the most part. It was honestly disgusting. Meet with two people who claimed to be Christian(two different years). They later admitted they really werent Christans and just say they are because thats the norm.

    Weirdly enough, they both claimed to be too busy for God and they were already 'successful' without knowing God. (disgusting to even think that way!) once i saw the light, i was GONE. I would loooove to meet someone in a Godly location, not saying id reject a nice guy in the grocery store, but either way, it's hard to tell and so hard for Christan singles to date. I pray for everyone to find a Christian husband or wife in 2019.


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