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In this video, Jamie J. Edwards & Javier B. Edwards share 3 Christian Dating Boundaries you need to know. Boundaries are essential during Christian dating in order to set expectations and vision. The ultimate goal is to glorify God and experience His joy in your courtship as you both seek to find out His will for your lives. We hope this video serves as a blessing to draw you into a deeper relationship with God.

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  1. This was excellent! Thank you for being so transparent about being tempted and which boundaries were set at each stage in the relationship

  2. Hello! Thank you for this awesome and truthful video. Can you please share tips on starting over in the same relationship with the focus "now" on God and being in a Christian relationship after coming out of a sexual worldly relationship?

  3. Have you ever noticed that Christian men seem to have lost that individualism and toughness that other males carry thoughout their lives, their personality becomes so soft and pliable, they lose all of their aggression and competitive traits that are inherent in the male of the species.
    It's almost as if they cherish the opportunity to turn the other cheek when their masculinity is challenged, this can't be natural for men to become almost feminine in their manner and outlook.
    Perhaps Christianity gives them the excuse to explore the feminine side of their personalities and frees them to practice their true sexuality.
    It's one of the side effects of belonging to a Cult which thrives on their members becoming sanctimonious and Holier than thou, they are required to deny their most basic instincts and suppress the testosterone within their brains and personality.
    Why would any normal woman want anything to do with such weak self righteous wimps, if they declare their Christianity girls then it's time for you to head for the door, pity any poor girl who becomes involved with a religious freak because they can expect a lifetime of nagging and sermons.

  4. Thank you! tip no. 3 is really helpful for me bec I've been struggling with physical touch and like hugging 😒 we're not yet official yet we are hugging each other already

  5. I really like the finance one! It’s important to lay it all out on the table – especially how dates will be paid… can’t have too many unspoken expectations.

    I also have no sex/sexual activities before marriage as a boundry, but never thought about no kissing or hugging. Very interesting!

  6. I've had sex with my boyfriend,about 3 times. We are good Christians,we love the Lord and we're trying to do right now. I love him and I don't want to hurt him as I'm his first girlfriend ever. I think we need to breakup and seek God individually,you know, just stay as friends. He doesn't want me to break up with him and think we can seek God together and grow. To think that we haven't even been dating for so long. We're both in med school and are not ready to settle down till a few years. I'm so confused. Please I need help and advice.

  7. I have never thought about these other points (point 1and 2) before. Anytime I hear relationship boundaries, I only think physical boundaries.
    I have never been into a relationship but these would help when I get into one.

  8. My kids are teens and I’m going to show them this video but I’d love to see this type of video geared towards teens like advice for teens because it seems it’s geared towards young adults. Great perspectives and video thanks.

  9. Watching all the way from KenyaπŸ‡°πŸ‡ͺ thanks so much for this , I pray that God will give me the grace to pass through all the traps by the enemy and to put my relationship under God ,him being the Centre of it .I want my relationship to please the heart of God. And no weapon fashioned against us shall prosper. God bless you πŸ™

  10. Thank you for this video! For me, I have a 10pm boundary where I won't be alone (in person or by phone) with a guy that's not a family member. We can be in a group setting, but I avoid alone time. I feel like our guards decrease the later it gets because our bodies begin to go into rest mode. Being in different time zones can make this challenging, but it's not impossible to find a solution to it.


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