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  1. I'm very curious what a healthy fear of a husband is 🤨 I really thought she was going to go off about how so many Christian men treat the WIFE like a plow horse. So many single Christian men I've met are single because they think and treat women like subservient, breed-able objects instead of like whole thinking and feeling people.

  2. I went back to the church of my teenage years and all i got was eyed and my tires kicked as to financial and whether i had vices. None of the women were willing to be friend zoned until i had a proper evaluation of them. Both them and the leadership weren't on the idea that you served the greater congregation until you figured who you worked and emotionally connected to. The leadership demanded i walk up to a girl i hadn't seen un made up. Outfit and makeup. Kiss her on the mouth and profess to immediately marry her. Men are beta because men that don't blindly follow elder instruction and consider what(not who) was put before them as adequate because they get yelled at otherwise.

  3. The most important thing in a Christian man is loving God more than he loves me. Someone who can use the scriptures to give his family the spiritual guidance they need. A leader. I just need those things. He doesn’t have to be 6 ft or physically strong.

  4. A Christian dating done right is a huge blessing. A nightmare is when it is done wrong. Christian dating includes chastity, honesty, responsibility, all of the Godly values and virtues – it's not a nightmare. What makes it a nightmare is when people abuse a Christian relationship with toxic behavior like using Scripture to manipulate their partners. It's only a nightmare when a Christian person doesn't know how to do Christian dating. Nowadays there's a lot of people who profess that they are Christians, but it does not really mean anything to them or they don't know how to conduct themselves to be Christians.

  5. PREACH… I’m a 32 year old Messianic Believer, prior law enforcement, military pilot, turned horse trainer. It is a NIGHTMARE trying to find someone who is capable of getting married. Generally I find myself dealing with someone who is hyper independent (masculine), been ran through, already has children, or unable to make decisions apart from their family. All of whom (or those around them) will try to weaponize scripture to fit their decisions.

    Which is ironic because that’s what the devil tried to do with Yeshua when he came out of his fast in the desert

  6. I am not trying to hurt you when I say this,
    You have broken 3 of gods rules in the Bible. And until you pray and ask for forgiveness you will never find a man and if you do God will make it to where the relationship doesn't last long. Number 1 God does not *Judge others plus he forgives you when you make mistakes. So you should forgive men for not meeting up to your standards. But that brings me to number 2, You are being *selfish….why should a man meet up to your standards, what are you doing to meet up to his? And Number 3 did you just disrespect God & call him a *liar?? And say that the way he set up his plan isn't good enough. These thoughts aren't my thoughts and I feel like God is thinking that you don't believe in him enough & that's why he keeps throwing what you like to call "beta men" in front of you. Try to have faith in his plan and trust the process. Because God loves to reward people that believe in his plan. And God chooses not to reward people that believe in him half way 💯 Stop disrespecting men & calling them weak, Just because they seem weak to you. Also just because men aren't strong enough to fight someone off to protect you….doesn't mean there is no other way. Every Believer knows that the words of God are the truth and God is in us! And that God's words are just as powerful to help assist any situation! So what makes you think your "Beta" men won't stand up for you with their words?

    And this is coming from a Alpha male that chooses to fight for everyone no matter what…even if they don't believe in God's Plan.

    My name is Moniyell
    And hopefully you'll see me somewhere on the news within two weeks fighting for what's right! The difference between me and you is… I can tell people the truth to their face & you like to *gossip behind their back. Which is why the Beta men in the churches you go to, don't know how you feel. Had you been like me & speak the truth, Maybe you could help them grow into the alpha male that you want!
    And sorry even I make mistakes… that's 4 rules you broke! Every "*" equals a rule that was broken.

    Remember this….
    -If you ask you shall receive
    -Closed mouths don't get fed
    -And believe in God's plan

    I hope you find your Alpha male. Because God sees you're trying you just need to control your frustration!

  7. Churches, where you went are just not churches, and besides that Christians shouldn't date at all. For you to go to a good church, you have to be guided by God Himself because the churches nowadays are not even connected with God and are doing their own thing.

  8. The Bible does tell men to love their wives as Christ loves the church…. pretty easy to submit to when your husband is patient, kind, etc…. (1 Corinthians 4-8) It’s not all about being masculine, although that is a plus!

  9. I think fear is the wrong word and that is where you're going to scare a lot of good people away. I think of better word for it is a healthy submission. And that goes on both ends

  10. A healthy fear of their husband…………….I just cant comprehend why she or anyone else is grasping at such values that overall make everyone unhappy, when there are so many other ways to look at things even if you desire a humble life, a family oriented life or whatnot. It is not nice to fear or be feared by someone in your home. It shuns your ability to grow, makes you delegate your mind to someone else and thats an open door to cruelty of all kinds down the line. Seriously, peace to everyone but please think about these things before your adhere to them. There are many ways to respect someone, get guidance from someone without submitting to them

  11. That’s actually so sad, the fact that people have removed the idea of having an actual man. It’s weird how our media applauds feminine men and masculine women, but when a man is masculine, he’s immediately criticized, and same goes for a feminine women. This culture we live in is so toxic, men are men and women are women. Jesus did make a difference between male and female.

  12. I got saved December 29th 2010. I’ve been a believer ever since. I’ve come to the realization that there is no longer solid believers who want marriage. Dating, courting, marriage, it doesn’t mean anything anymore. Ive been done with it all. Im 32 years old and I learned to be single and content for the rest of my life. There’s nothing wrong with staying single. Believers, focus on God. It’s been to stay single.

  13. Christianity or the abrahimic religion since the dawn of time was to make men estrogenic beta providers and SERVANTS of dead man's book .
    Before Christianity a man could sleep around with other women and men in Rome and infact was considered feminine if covered himself with clothings like church and modern day "fake Masculine" dudes do . Christianity was infact initiated by conversion of women first . Gynocenterism started from abrahimic era


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