Here’s Part 2!! We hope it’s a blessing, as always please let us know if you have any questions, comments or concerns. God bless you!

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  1. Yes, that is me now….yes and I let men know how I feel about that…I am very proud of being this way now…yes lord….thank you..I love listening to this…I just found your channel.

  2. Good conversation…I wish my parents and I could have sat down and had this dialogue before my teenage years, I truly believe I would have made better decisions through out life concerning relationships…God bless you both, continue to let the Lord use you to help others as it is much need, coming from someone who is a few months away from turning 50 and have been married and divorce 3 times. Again, thank you for sharing. Peace and Blessings

  3. So happy to see young people who understand the value of waiting. New sub and so refreshing to see that you all waited. Please check out my page and I'm waiting as well and I'm older than both of you, but thank you for sharing your real testimony.

  4. I love how raw and real yall are. i am 24 years old and ive told myself and GOd the same thing you have said. that i will wait on God and not date. i will enjoy my singleness and allow him use me. i know young people in there 20s want that relationship but they dont get that God will send u that one. so they dont get me! or get that i willing to wait years. like years!

  5. I really love the kingdom business you guys are doing! God bless and continue to use you both. You can feel the love through the screen and it's so amazing to see such a beautiful and young couple sold out for Christ! Especially young a Ghanaian couple! (Represent)! I love it. Ella, everything about you seems so familiar, I can relate so much to you so maybe that's why. You guys keep it up! God bless!xx


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