Exciting News! Celebrate Truth & TheControversy7 are teaming up to bring you the first Christian Flat Earth Show on YouTube. The live show will feature Flat Earth and other controversial topics exposing the lies of the world and celebrating the truth of God’s Word weekly. We are excited to announce this partnership and stay tuned “God’s Flat Earth Truth” in right around the corner. We will broadcast live from Celebrate Truth’s Main Channel each week. Date/Time to be announced soon.

In this video learn more about the history on how we met and what to expect in the upcoming launch of the weekly Youtube show. Please note: This will be a Christian Show but anyone is welcome here to learn, question and especially grow in the knowledge of Christ. We will be looking at everything from a biblical perspective and showing that the Bible has stood the test of time even up to present day with the revelation of God’s stationary flat earth. For both of us the bible is the authority on all topics and while there are many great Flat Earth Shows presently going on that do wonderful work and research from various perspectives, we feel that there is a void for people that want to dig deeper into the bible and have a regular show that we can talk about issues facing Christians around the world and answer questions people have about God, Jesus and the Bible.

Check out our channels below and subscribe if you haven’t yet. Once you go flat there is no going back! Blessings.

This all started when Patricia Steere from ‘Flat Earth & other Hot Potatoes’ shared Thecontroversy7’s link. All the Flat Earth Channels need to stand together & Support each other! We all need to stand up together. It is a young & Growing community that needs to work together in order to stand strong.

TheControversy7’s Channel

Celebrate Truth’s Channel

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