(Photo: Reuters)

The family of a 12-year-old boy with serious brain injuries are praying for a “miracle” after a High Court judge ruled in favour of withdrawing his medical treatment. 

The boy, named only as J, suffered a “profound, severe neurological injury” after being found hanging in his bedroom.

His Christian parents want his treatment to continue, the BBC reports.

In a remote hearing last week, Mr Justice Hayden called it a case of “almost unbearable sadness” but sided with doctors who believe that more care is only “prolonging J’s death and not saving his life”. 

Medics in Birmingham, where he has been receiving treatment, asked the court to declare that the continuation of medical treatment is not in his best interests. 

In his verdict, the judge was sympathetic but said that all of the consultants had been in “complete consensus” about ending treatment. 

“Nobody has any idea at all why… he did what he did,” he said, adding that J had been “profoundly loved in this family”. 

“That it should arise in the circumstances of a global pandemic makes it almost unimaginable to those of us not experiencing it,” he added.

The judge said mechanical ventilation was required to keep J alive and that the damage to the brain was “so extensive and widespread that he will not make any recovery from this awful episode and keeping him alive will achieve no benefit”.

Yogi Amin, of Irwin Mitchel solicitors, who is representing the family, said: “The legal decision to end treatment has been made by the court and the family will continue to pray to God for a miracle.” 


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