The disciplined lifestyle can be challenging but never the less rewarding in the process! I believe our destiny will begin to manifest the more disciplined and self controlled we become.The Bible is very clear in this as I am now really beginning to understand. I’m so very thankful for where it has brought me from this far and I am equally excited on where it is leading. The hardest part for me has always been patience but I’m learning to enjoy the ride. Thank you all for watching! This album will be out on August 26, 2020 please show your support for our POSITIVE/MOTIVATIONAL MUSIC as it is needed in these last days ahead. ➙Before you do anything tap the RED BUTTON and SUBSCRIBE to our channel to show your SUPPORT and hit that NOTIFICATION BELL so you’re alerted every time we post a new video. We post new videos every SATURDAY.


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Christian Rap | Dayze – “Hibornsoldiers” | Christian Hip Hop Music Video
Christian Rap | Dayze – “Hibornsoldiers” | Christian Hip Hop Music Video




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