A heartwarming, honest, and beautiful story about the complexities of Adoption.

Interview – https://youtu.be/WjO5UsYwDG8

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  1. 😢😭😭😭😢 this song made me cry…I guess I didn't even realize that there was pain still there from not having any kids of my own. I'm 38 & married to someone whose daughter's 5 yrs younger than me (he's 60). It's more likely that I'll be a grandparent than a mother. I've always had it in my heart to open an orphanage someday that covers children in/with the love of Christ. Not quite my husband's plan though, hopefully God will change his mind someday. 🙄 There are SO MANY children out there that need (& deserve) the love of Jesus & to have the chance to have a better life! Msy God continue to bless ya'll!!!💜💜💜

  2. This song is lit, and the reason it means so much. Is because lots of us almost don't realize we are all made in the image of God, and that is why We are all loved By a great God, and it's just awesome to know and understand that even hee sun lee you may feel like your hear for nothing but ah God knows otherwise. Your existence matters.

  3. 😢😭my two children 14&15 year old haven't seen their mother ever since they where 5&6 years old and when they did last see her my daughter who is older ask me when she approached the house,
    "Hey Daddy who's that pointing at her mother." I cried uncontrollably.
    Thank you for this song and may God continue to bless you all of your days. 🙏
    PS. In hindsight I'm more proud that they both know the Lord even if they dont know their mom. 🙏


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