Kaylin Karr dropped her music video for the song “Addict Mind” which is a metaphor for a struggle through letting go of love relationship, sin, etc. It features rapper B.I.P.

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  1. Thank you Jesus


    Main results

    I'm in a bad place
    Running back and forth, it's just a rat race
    No need to settle scores, you're just a bad taste
    But I taste you on my mouth
    I'm still locked up in this house
    Ignoring sirens screaming out
    I'm two faced
    Complain to all my friends, you're just a time waste
    Hands all on my hips you made the earth shake
    And every time I'm bored
    I've got you knocking at my door
    To make mistakes I've made before

    I tell myself I've had enough
    It shouldn't really be this rough
    And I don't even want this love
    But I can't really give it up, now

    You caught me at an awful time
    You walked into my addict mind
    And I can feel I'm coming down
    And I just need my fix right now

    Seems like I can't get you out my head, for real
    Yeah, yeah
    How can we embrace the pain
    I hate to say that this fate is vain
    We both know we made mistakes
    See we both need fate to change
    Now it seems we're both sinking under
    It's obvious we in the same boat
    But you got to see the cloudy day before it all clears up to see the rainbow
    Elevated, getting medicated
    Paint a pretty picture of the pain
    Here's a demonstration, oh
    Now we losing our patience, no
    Take one hit in the matrix, woah
    Don't want to hit there again
    Now the wall is becoming very thin
    Who knew that your greatest hero would become your heroin
    Oh yeah, no, there it is
    I can't act like I don't care again
    Went from karat gold to a scary sin
    Try to let it go and bury it
    I said young love is a drug
    Every time I get a rush because you've got plenty of
    I can't seem to get enough
    My addict mind

    You know I try to redefine losing my mind
    I need you, I need you
    Can't get it right, but still I try
    I lose my mind
    I need you, I need you

    You caught me at an awful time
    You walked into my addict mind
    And I can feel I'm coming down
    And I just need my fix right now

    Source: Musixmatch

  2. Thank god for everything you do for us, to always love us and teach us to be better and to follow you no matter what. I am not ashamed anymore and I want to pray for everyone to seek and find you because you are everything. I love you, in the name of Jesus I pray amen!

  3. Jesus I need you every day, in every thought, in every word, in every feeling, in every action, I need you! God bless you guys! 🕯🙏✝️🕊💞 San Antonio Tx.


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