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  1. Lyrics

    Uh yeah, Forgive me Lord (please)
    Uh, Cmon, Yeah, Uh
    Listen to me

    This is the prayer of a heart weighed heavy
    I'm in a sea of depression, Please Lord, Let my ship stay steady
    Cause I ain't ready, To be devoured by the mouth of death
    My cup of faith once full, Now has ounce's left
    So I count my breaths and hold my own
    Hopin satan ain't stole my throne
    I know, All too well, What it's like to be young and poor
    When everyday is as dark as the one before
    And I just wanna be like you
    Step out onto the surface of this water Lord, And then run to shore
    Would you meet me at the bank of the sea?
    For a hug, Be as anxious as me?
    I gotta know, Cause everyday is a fight to win
    When you're surrounded by triflin men
    Sometimes I feel I'm worth nothin more than just my mic and pen
    I need you in my life again
    Forgive me Lord

  2. If sevin ever see this i wanna use this beat but i cant find no instrumental please help a sista out im on the same hype no hate no cussin just testimony n callin out to the Lord. Im plannin on starting a youth group with the help of a few pastors here where i stay north of santa rosa eventually wanna move to the hometown which is sac please let me use this beat im not trynna get rich im just trynna motivate the youth to express themselves to the Lord in a way that they can feel it not necessarily slow gospel songs but in the way we were raised where we dont have to put a front to God but be real with Him just as He real with us. God bless you brother im proud of you even tho i dont know you you motivate me to stay strong n not let the enemy kill my dreams. Im tired of the addictions in ukiah its goin from the parents to the kids now generational curses comin out we need to break them down we need light in this side of town. Please let me use this beat you can approve my lyrics first if you want like i said it's all for the Lord nothin wordly.

  3. My husband listens to all of your music he is also a Christan rapper I'm trying to get him on a song with you please get ahold of him at his email youngmcgrath1298@gmail.com I pray that you can bring him out of his slumber. Be like Jesus and put mud on his eye lids and let him see.

  4. Forgive me God for doubting you Father GOD in Jesus name when i NO THIS the last time i have belief in me i no what you can do for me an i no what you will do i BELIEVE in you father God in the name of Jesus Amen.

  5. I'm listening to Sevin's music, speaking to my spirit and I came across my own comment 4yrs ago. Glad to see Sevin's still holding it down after all these years and just getting stronger in his ministry. Thanks be to God.


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