Steven Malcolm dropped a free download of “High Key” and it was produced by Marty of Social Club Misfits.

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  1. I’ve come to expect anything Steven Malcom related as 🔥 and only 🔥 literally murks EVERYONE in term of style, rhymes and energy….if he comes out with a video where homies just looking in the fridge for some of that purple stuff n spitting it’ll probably STILL be more hype then ya cousins music video… not chasing just acknowledging and respecting the clout period. Fight me. …or not get me a taco and pray with me …that’s better yo 💯😁

  2. So one thing I’d like to speak on is that music like this got barz that point you to the father & it’s hidden in swag. So I think this song is one of those songs that’s supposed to draw people then once they listened to more of the artists music they realize “oh this is a Christian rapper” & by then they like the artists music & its too late, they drawn in. Of course I could be wrong but I see a lot of people saying music like this isn’t Christian when I honestly believe it is. Just my opinion.


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