Subcribe 4 More Christian Rap – His Website Show Some Support 2 Him



  1. I just click this a recovering addict with 2 and half years clean. And im having a dark time. Your music to me is new but i live it. Just makes me not want to give up. Keep on with your music. It inspires me.

  2. Man, Jesus was a badass… even through an atheists eyes where they believe Jesus was a person and god isn't real. Could you imagine someone doing this for You? Jesus is what we should all aspire to be religious or not

  3. Your music is very good… I just came across your music to be honest last night as I was browsing YouTube and since then I've been listening to your music in aaawwwee cuz your lyrics are so #deep #raw and #real and I'm tripping wondering how I barely heard of you but all these rappers on the radio get so much notoriety and exposure when there's lyricists out there like you who aren't getting the exposure you deserve man…

  4. gosh, I can't imagine the pain our lord and savior Jesus went through for us. Praise our lord and savior Jesus Christ for going through all that unimaginable pain and suffering for us undeserving nasty ungrateful humans.


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