Welcome to Damien and Kenady! In this video, we’re going to share with you an interview with Singer/Songwriter/ Producer/ Actor Aaron J as he talks about how he spends his time waiting for Mrs as a single Christian. Let’s deep dive into the video to learn more about how to wait before praying for a soulmate. 👉 Subscribe to my channel to stay tuned: https://www.youtube.com/c/DamienandKenady

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Our special guest share with us about his single life and how spend his time waiting for his soulmate, and he also shares some of his vocal talents and sings for the audience as well.

If you’re a Christian single then you should make sure you check out this episode because Christian dating is more than talking between boy and girl. Eventually, we have to face reality and ask ourselves what do you do while you are “In The Wait”?

A soulmate is your other half, speaking in a spiritual sense. Your soulmate is the person who is only for you that will endure both the greatest joy and most heartbreaking defeats of life with you. They will love you, test you, challenge you, and make you feel emotions so you’ve never felt with any other person on this planet.

Before you and your soulmate meet in the physical realm, your energies not only sense each other but probably have been trying to cause a meeting for a long time. Therefore, when you are ready, your Higher Self will try to send you the message that you are finally ready to meet your other half.

So, it’s very important to know how to know as a single Christian how to wait before praying for your soulmate. This video is going to be very special for you if you’re a single Christian because you’ll learn here how to be patient to get your soulmate intimately and how to go through your life in a better way with your partner.

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  1. This was beautiful, y'all asked great questions, and he answered them with such poise and wisdom. Aaron J I just have to say, not only are you so handsome, but you have such a bright spirit and I love how strong your faith is. This may be bold of me, but I too am single, waiting for my future husband. And you never know where you're going to meet someone, so if you see this comment, feel free to reach out. As a woman I've learned to let a man pursue me, and lead. But it also doesn't hurt to be a little bold, who knows what kind of friendship could come out of it. This was a wonderful message guys, I appreciate all the advice!

    God bless you 💕

  2. Your wife is so funny and beautiful 😍😍😍😍 I pray that God may take your union from strength to strength in the Mighty Name of Jesus Christ.

  3. Aaron J thank you for your honesty and truth! You didn’t sugar coat and how you didn’t know celibacy was a thing until you got in Victory Church! Singleness is about purpose! 🙌🏽🙏🏽❤️Hallelujah! The answer to that last question Aaron J did drop the mike! 🔥🔥🔥

  4. I keep hearing this name Victory Church. What city and state is this church in? We have one here in Illinois, and I'm just curious as to whether or not we're talking about the same church? 🤔😃

  5. Amen, Amen, Amen!! That purpose thing is everything. There is no reason for us to walk together in this thing called "love" and "life" if we don't have the same destinations. This has been speaking VOLUMES to me lately. PURPOSE. What is our "PURPOSE" in God's kingdom? If it isn't to do damage to the enemy then there is no point. Can two walk together if not agreed? Amos 3:3

  6. So true..im in leadership and im a youtuber so I get boys that hear me preach and boys that see my video shoot their shots with me..I call them boys because its very inappropriate to me…its take discipline and faith to resist the devil for him to flee because I do desire companionship..BUT because I am not my own I cant afford to choose on my own..especially as a Ministry Leader..

  7. Amen I really enjoyed this topic waiting on soul mate. It's so very important because you can't be anxious just to have any one in your life, because tired of waiting. God is best matchmaker, he knows actually who best for you. God bless all singles

  8. Really great interview! It's great to hear that some guys are willing to wait for what God has for them, that's so encouraging. It gives me comfort in knowing that my process/waiting is not in vain.

  9. Can I just say thank you for this interview. Hearing from a fellow Christian man about wanting to be held and dealing with loneliness was beautiful. Thank you Aaron for being so transparent with us! Blessings to you on this journey with God. May he fill you with strength, peace and love. I speak Ps. 46.10 over your life! You will be all that God has you to be!!

  10. New Follower❤, this Interview was awesome, he mentioned so many things I can relate to!

    I've been waiting for 27years and still a virgin, never dated but after a while I realize there's such a purpose, call and annoiting on my life, that God doesn't have just anyone for me.

    But God has taughtand grown me up me so much for the journey ahead!


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