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Senior dating — Meeting for the First Time
If you want to get to know each other better spend to communicate. Spend at least 15 minutes or longer everyday to chat either in the phone or via video cam. If you have the strong desire to know your prospective date better then its time to set your first date.
Senior dating is a serious matter. Many seniors spend several months exchanging emails and short messages to measure its prospective dates behavior without realizing that its interest have wondered off into another direction. You have to remember that online dating doesn’t only involve a single person but a dozen or more prospective dates before you finally settled to the right one.
Meet in a public place like a coffee shop or anywhere that you are comfortable with. Bring your own car during your first date and don’t forget to tell someone where you are going. Come prepared on your date, this should be quiet easy for you because you have been dating before and you already know what to do during first dates. Before you go out and have that first date, decided first what kind of date you have in mind.
Remember dating again in your 60’s is no big deal if you know how to enjoy the experience.

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