‘Christian Singles Wanting To Get Married- Live With Paul And Morgan’
Let’s chat about Christian singleness 🙂 It’s been a while since we’ve really taken a swim back into the dating waters. Give us all your questions and we’ll do our best to answer as many as we can! Excited to be live with you all. 

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  1. You’re very intuitive and smart Morgan. You’re good at responding. I wish I had your joy though. Could you pray for my mental health please?

    Paul is very thoughtful. You have a very unique dynamic. It’s funny because I’m used to seeing opposite personalities in opposite sex, so I find this so interesting and unique.

    I want to get married but have refused to date because I struggle with mental health issues and don’t want to bring that to anyone. I keep hoping the Father will heal me but He hasn’t yet.

    Also yeah, I rarely like a guy but when I do, they rarely like me close up lol. From first glance they like me but not past surface level.

    Ty for your video. I’m a new watcher.

  2. hard to be patient when you're in your 40s and never been married , And I doubt we can speed up Gods timing, He does what he wants when HE wants

  3. The world says 30, religion says wait, people says individual choice, nature says puberty babies, the creator says be lead. Childhood sweethearts and twin flames happen with personal revelation. Imo.

  4. I agree with Morgan; either God will give you the desires of your heart, or take those desires away. His will is not for us to be miserable. I'm finding myself becoming more content with being single. I wax mostly just scared of being alone, but God will provide for all our needs, but not always in ways we would expect. I absolutely adore my friends, and that is enough to keep me content. I don't necessarily need someone to live with me (i.e. a spouse). I cannot wait to raise kids, but I always mostly wanted to adopt more than have kids of my own. I can still do that without a husband. Having one parent is better than having no parents + I know I won't have to do it alone because Jesus, our heavenly husband, will always be with me. I still have the desire to be married, but if that is not God's will for my life, I know I can still be happy and content.

  5. First bit of advice: Stop calling it “waiting”….. this language demonstrates your life here and now is inadequate and it suggests a personal identity that is so attached to some unknown person or future state that you view your life now as only a transitional time.. stop living in transition!!! Live now!! Forget the promised spouse for a minute guys! Your life is more than that

  6. Hi Morgan. I would like to know just broadly what were the reasons that the 3.5 year relationship didn't work out? Btw love watching your and Paul's vids. Your sister in Christ from South Africa 🇿🇦.

  7. I'm also a Christian and yes in my Christian faith I'm happy glorify the creator look being a Christian single man it's okay I will just rely on our creator those things will take care of themselves god bless

  8. I'm not gonna like I hope this isn't going to be me. No husband till 40/50. Coming to 30 in a couple of weeks , believing for a spouse soon but then what if its not till 40 or 50 or more 😬 I'm content in God but worried this will be me

  9. i actually really like that you addressed the question "do you struggle with lust around Morgan's friends" because it's vulnerable and honest and authentic like it's a real thing many guys sadly choose to indulge in and i'd hope Christian men wouldn't fall for that trap and the temptation is there and it's our choice to resist or not but my point is many people shy away from questions like that and ignore them so I like the authenticness of you both to always answer these questions

  10. Imagine all of the millions of people throughout history who had desires that lined up with God’s principles who never had those desires come to fruition, listening to you telling people that if they desire someone Biblical like marriage or children it will happen. It is so painful to hear this advice doled out.


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