When you do what I do and try to wake or help others, for some reason total strangers or whatever come out of the woodwork with claims, rumors and allegations against us. Im a veteran,Im an exconvict, and I am a CHRISTIAN. And the attacks simply remind me Im on the right path.
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  1. I made 2 videos on the Mandela effect and I deleted 1 of the videos because I was hated by Christians who wanted to believe so strongly that the bible DID change. They want to believe that Satan is behind it and the end of the world is happening; fear porn and alternate dimensions. If you disagreed with their belief system that they have established through the Mandela Effect you WILL be hated.

    In the video that I deleted I proved how the Mandela effect was a psyop and did NOT change the bible like most Christians wanted to believe but rather that it is simply due to the differences in bible versions and publishers. Publishing bibles is big money, and in order to publish YOUR brand of bible to make money YOU need to alter a few words in order to publish it. After explaining every detail in the video I was hated and attacked. The worst debates I've ever had were with Christians forcing a certain ideology and Atheists.

  2. We are to testify, be a witness for Jesus Christ, tell people what He's done for us, not argue about it. Say what you have to say, and let the Spirit of Truth work. It's not by power, or by might, but by His Spirit, saith the Lord. Truth will prevail. Be blessed.

  3. Thanks Richie From Boston, The Mandela effect is 100% Real for Myself, I’ve Got clear memories that now have never existed. The Report On The News About The Death Of Kirk Douglas & The reaction From His Family & Oxy Clean Changing into Oxi Clean Are Just a Couple of the many things that have made me Question my Own sanity. Adolf Hitler now has blue eyes and they used to say how much of a hypocrite he was because he wanted a people with blonde hair and blue eyes when he himself had brown hair and brown eyes, even though we know that was Just WW2 Propaganda , Lots Of things are changing in my reality, I could go on all day about various different changes. Thanks for covering this subject. Love you and Love your Channel. God Bless

  4. As one of the first channels I gravitated to when I first started waking up, I will always have great love for you, RFB, my Brother in Christ. When I first saw the changes, I wanted so much for it all to not be true. I searched for an explanation that would make it all make sense and clearly let me see that the changes were not true. I prayed. I searched. I prayed some more. I found many different versions of exactly the same explanation ITBG is positing, and all were just as bitterly accusatory as this one is. None, not even ITBG, have said anything more than some version of "it clearly has not changed because we have evidence that it has always been this way." That is not an explanation; if something has changed, it has most often changed everywhere except in our memories. 
    RFB, you talk about how awful the comments from her opposition are. I see the opposite when i read through them. More than that, though, every person I know who sees the changes are among the most humble I have ever met. All might not be humble, but humility certainly characterizes most that I know. Humble people feeling a great burden they would rather cast off, but can't. Just because ITBG doesn't like one person who is pushing out video after video about changes that even many who see can't get on board with, doesn't make the clear true changes go away. What do you think the opposition would say anyways? Exactly what this woman is saying and those who likewise use only hurtful accusations and "proof" that is full of holes. 
    I have watched a couple of her videos. One of her proofs that everyone who sees the bible changes are "satanist" and exhibit “fractured thinking” (really, is this kindness or even speaking the truth in Love? I don’t feel the love) is that one man had to go find his KJV Bible in his closet. She seems to assume his tucked-away KJV bible was his only bible and asserts her holiness as she has many within easy reach. She actually has no idea how many bibles he has in easy reach, only that he had to unpack his KJV. 
    Also, to counter her stance of holiness for how many bibles she has readily available and her strong grasp of the languages involved (it doesn’t seem all that strong to me, but we’ll give it to her), I encourage you to watch again and consider how long she said she spent researching. I believe that one time she said 14 hours; another time, she said 48 hours. Whichever, I don’t recall her mentioning how long she spent praying. I think that is something that is important to consider; perhaps the most important thing to consider. Personally, I’ve spent months crying out for discernment. She even says that “I know for sure that I’ve drilled down to the word of the Holy Spirit.” How does she know? Because of what her research tells her? She still has not mentioned praying. Her video about you is very flattering, so I understand how much it might seem that she has the right answers. Please prayerfully consider what comes across in her videos and whether it actually represents truth.
    In love, many people have posted many examples that someone who wants to know the truth would be wise to explore on their own—with prayer. Some of the changes are hard to see as the deception is very great. Pray for discernment and for His guiding; this isn’t something that any of us can find an answer to in a yt video. She claims that "If we loose [the Bible], we don’t have any hope.” Really, RFB, please consider the weight of these and so many other words she speaks over her audience? I have faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. My father has written His words on my heart. I have great hope! Armor up, Brother, and seek discernment through prayer on this one. With great love, Dust

  5. I am seminary trained and ordained. My King James has so many changes now. Some are subtle enough that the original word could go either way – the way we remember it or the way it is now. But i digress.

  6. Praise God His Almighty Truth shall reign.. my tooth also 2 of them actually ( try baking soda and peroxide ditch the Toothpaste) we going home sooner than later so hang in there. and thank you every day for contact.. Amen ps RE Shared… Gal 6:9 And let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.

  7. Regardless of where you stand on the issue of the ME. It is a phenomena that many well versed Christians are seeing. Many who do see the changes are afraid to proclaim them, for fear of being rejected by their own brethren, and accused of witchcraft, and a manner of all other ungodly activities. Christians in general, should have an agape love and concern, instead of flinging accusations. The path to righteousness is narrow, and rocky. It does not require name calling, on either side. It is a divisive topic no matter what side you land on. Both sides are frightened by it, because the mere topic of scripture changing is disturbing. However, we are all commanded by Jesus the Christ to love one another. Jesus is the "WORD", scripture are the words of God. It is a wake up call to all those in Jesus the Christ to take notice, to prepare our hearts, to be ready for battle against forces that seek to divide, and to prepare for the coming of our Lord and Savior. Please consider Amos 8:12, one should consider if this is a fulfilling of that prophecy. Much love to all my brothers and sisters.

  8. What's bizarre is how many t.v. personalities say they are Christian but display the complete opposite in what they say and do (and they way they dress and behave) and yet no one thinks differently.

    When I was a teenager (raised Catholic) I always thought it was weird that Madonna would wear a cross while gyrating on the floor in whatever (a wedding dress comes to mind).

    The deception is great and the programming just gets weirder and weirder and yet so many do not question. They just turn on the talking box or go pay whatever it is now to see a movie ($15 dollars now?? I don't know.) and just shut off their critical thinking.

    Thanks for sharing your ideas and your path towards God, the Father, RichieFromBoston. I feel sorry for the people who will fight "tooth and nail" to help the "great deceiver." In the end, they are also deceived. Satan lies to all.

  9. Awesome trail crawling, didn't realize you did so much rock frogging in Moab! Also loved the video InTruthbygrace did with you, she did awesome!!! So thankful for both of you, so thankful for those who choose to do their best to wake folks up! BTW…my hubby is also a know-it-all jeep rock crawler…so you are in good company…I will be showing him your rockin' channel! He has a pretty knarly jeep video on a moab trail where a passing hiker happend to take a vidoe of him AMOST tipping his cherokee, and being caught by a nice rock and his rock rail! HA! Crawl on RFB, you are doing GREAT

  10. Richie you know the Devil is the father of lies And of course you gonna have these Demons trying to put real people down…. I support you keep up the good work don’t pay no mind to these Demons………………: Jesus Will Be here SOON

  11. The worst thing to happen to Mandela effect is Christians making it about them and their religion. nothing worse than listening to a video and suddenly they start quoting the Bible and talking about gods plan and prophesies, the devil and so on. a warning or disclaimer would be nice.

  12. YOU are THE most REAL "YouTuber" I've ever had the privilege to to happen across(I know,there are no accidents) and I have been called for a long time now to certain things of God that I've not felt "good" enough to do in spite of knowing I could add some value to people's lives. But it's been YOU who let yourself be REAL and shown me that I don't have to be perfect before I do as God's asked and first it shamed me and these last few months I've seen you and others fighting the good fight knowing I'm supposed to be out there doing my part and I have slowly been dragging my ass getting to the point where I start doing as I've been told but it's THESE videos that are going to be getting me out there, because you and others are taking real hits and I'm safely stuck with my head in the sand afraid to stick it out. I'm starting my channel adding to the good fight but I'll be another name. But it's you and the woman you mentioned that have made me come out of my safe place to step out for God. You ARE doing His work for sure because I've found every reason under the stars for YEARS not to do as He said. He used you in a wonderful way to get me out there.God Bless you brother and your work.

  13. Mandela effect is nothing more than the alert catching the subtle correction of wrong information that was disseminated by the source community at the time in combination with the gloss over types that couldn't remember where they left their house keys the night before. A state of confusion caused by and between folks with good memory vs bad memory over source edited material. Let's move on.

  14. Richie you said you looked for proof of the Mandela effect, but could not find it. I can show you real proof. Several Bible change debunkers have tried, but failed to debunk this proof. In their attempts to debunk this proof they have all completely avoided dealing with the proof head on, and then gave up the debate including truthbygrace. First look at Exodus 32:14 in the KJV which says

    “And the LORD repented of the evil which he thought to do unto his people.”

    The Lord is holy there is no evil in him, neither in thought or deed. There is more I will not write it all here. You can watch my video “How I know the Mandela effect is real Exhibit 1.” It is pretty short. I am not putting in a link because I do not want this post to go to the spam folder. The only way you can watch this video, and not know that the verse has been altered is to believe that it is impossible for the Bible to be changed. If it were not possible for the Bible to be changed then there would be no reason for the verses Revelation 22:18-19 to even exist. I also have another video that proves the Bible has been changed it is titled “How I know the Mandela effect is real Exhibit 2.” I also have yet another Bible proof video in the works, and several videos that present compelling evidence.

    Richie I love your channel you are how I keep up with a lot of what is going on in our world today. I also love that you are genuine you don’t claim to be something you are not, and you depend on the Lord’s grace as we all should. You are a significant voice in the truether community. The fact that our Bibles are being changed is a huge part of what is going on. For you to be aware of this fact is important. Please pray about this, and ask for the leading of the Holy Spirit.

    As for truthbygrace she has done some good work showing that some of the claimed Bible changes are not actually changes. Just because some claimed changes are due to a lack of understanding does not mean that real changes do not exist.

  15. I thought that the Mandela effect would mean that our entire reality had been changed ie. that even the antique books and bibles would also have been changed… it would effectively mean that the books had "always" said the things that the Mandela effect is saying. Just saying?

  16. Richie, you are a brutally honest, stand up guy who wears the full armor of God. Keep speaking the truth, don't be discouraged by the paid trolls. Good will always defeat evil….and your one of the good guys.

  17. Richie, they are persecuting the righteous, JESUS said they will hate you for names sake without a cause, be glad and rejoice in it for I have overcome the world, Saul the one murdering Christians became Paul, 1 of 12 of the DISCIPLES, LOVE YOU, KEEP MOVING👣WILL CARRY YOU 💝❤👐💯➕🔥


  19. If you can turn 1 soul to believe in Jesus. Then you have done more then 90 % of the population people want you to do wrong ,tv,family members,neighbors, coworkers, government the list goes on and on we Christians are being attacked from other so called christians then the rfid chip will be mandatory the hunting Christians will begin its only going to get worse I am not a downer Debbie but this is getting out of control just keep thinking mind over matter no one really cares about you when your dead your dead

  20. Richie, I love you but I think the ME will make more people believe in God as it is proof that there are things science can't prove/explain. For me, it turned me away from atheism and now I am convinced God is real. Have fun. : )

  21. I honestly believe this is a direct attack on Christians. I have had multiple family and friends tell me that while it may seem as tho it’s my kids who were taken..it’s only because I am the primary target. And After I went through what I did this last year- I truly believe it too. I have always had unshakeable faith since becoming born – again and after BOTH of my boys were taken from me…my life changed on a dime. It already wasn’t going well for 4+yrs prior, but they attacked both of my boys and now, they not only have no memories of our lives…they are mean, vengeful and I have NO idea WHO THISE THINGS ARE- but they are NOT MY sons. Thank God I have friends and family who don’t know what’s going on with them either, or else idk what I’d do. So many odd things happened that led up to the events that stripped them from me, but I haven’t a clue who they are now and they not only don’t remember barely anything…they are making up things to blame me, as what I now refer to as false fillers-for reasons to be angry with me, since they have no reasons whatsoever. They were Christian soldiers and now they only worship themselves…it’s more than heartbreaking- it’s broken me to my core since they are all I’ve lived for, for the last 20yrs. Please pray for them. They have no clue what’s going on and while I may not either…they are being taken for everything-spiritually. Idc what happens to me anymore- I will always be for Jesus. He made me, and I am going back to Him. But my poor kids-the one was 16 when he was “poisoned”..but not “stolen” til last May. The other one was 19 and had Aspergers. Please just pray for their protection. I know better and what is being done to us- I mean, the most I need to know that is. But THEY have innocent souls still and I just pray for the Holy Spirit to keep them protected and take them back as soon as possible..to the faithful children of the Lord they had been for all of those years. Thank you.😢🙏🏻✝️🙂


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