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Lesson 38
September 17, 2022
Topic: Prayer
Scripture Reading: Matthew 6: 9-13
Memory Verse: Philippians 4: 6-7

Introduction: Prayer is communication between the Lord and His children. Therefore, we must always have a two- way conversation with Him. Is He hearing our prayers? Is He speaking to us clearly so that we can know exactly what he says? Too often, prayers only seem to be making some requests of God. Help! Help! Help! Prayer is so much more than asking God for favours. It should be a continuous communication with our Maker, expressing our love and gratitude for His mercy and grace, to confess our sins and asking for pardon and
forgiveness. It is to recognize His holiness and His worthiness.
If our prayer is from a broken and contrite heart, we can’t help but see the glory of God and change. Paul admonishes us to ‘pray without ceasing’. Our daily prayer life should not end with our morning
devotions. Prayer should continue throughout the day in order to saturate our minds with the will and words of God. Our primary focus in prayer should be to know God and His will. When we know God, then
His will is automatically revealed.

1. How does the scripture reveal that prayer has a profound impact on the Kingdom of God? James 5:15-18; 1 Samuel 1: 11,17; 1Cor 3:9-11

2. What is the likelihood of God changing His mind when pray? Exodus 32: 11-14; Luke 11: 5-8

3. What does the scripture say regarding the private time we should spend in prayer? Mark 1: 35; Psalms63:1; Matt 6: 6; Luke 9: 18

4. What should be the Christians’ constant attitude toward prayer? Philippians 4: 6; Ephesian 6: 18; 1 Thessalonians 5: 17; 1 Tim 2:8

5. What does the parable in Luke 18: 1-8 teach us about prayer?

6. How does forgiving others affect our prayers? Matt 6: 14-15; Proverbs 28: 9

Conclusion: Knowing God is to know His Will. Prayer should bring about positive change. If we abandon prayer we will not effect the change that is necessary to build godly characteristics in our lives.

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