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  1. They would probably wonder why we were still here 2000 years later when the doomsday cult thought his return was imminent in their time. pretty sure that's what would preoccupy their minds.

  2. Stellar work as usual
    thank you for keeping us informed although we know it we need to know it deeper as reality…just like Jesus’ love although no where comparable it’s good to keep anchored in truth

  3. DNA is a book of prophesy… and God wrote that book… never change your book people….God wont dwell in a temple( our body) made by man!
    I just don't understand how folks could turn their back on GOD for something so OBVIOUSLY EVIL.
    Keep it up, truth only hurts the deceived.

  4. "We're sorry but you have to shut down your business, the AI is telling us its upsetting the balance in this location"

    "We're sorry but that drinking water can no longer can be used for drinking, the AI has shown us removing it is damaging the environment"

    "We're sorry but you are going to lose your house and now must move, the AI is showing us this community is having a very negative impact on this area"

    "We're sorry but no, you're not allowed to have any children, the AI has computed this outcome and the results are no longer acceptable"

  5. When they pull the plug and communication is shut down and power is shut down the trauma will be like nothing before in history. We are completely reliant on technology. Only way out of the matrix is through Christ.

  6. Revelation 12:9 King James Version (KJV)
    9 And the great dragon was cast out, that old serpent, called the Devil, and Satan, which deceiveth the whole world: he was cast out into the earth, and his angels were cast out with him.

  7. Do you think you will ever offer merchandise? I would buy a shirt. Maybe offer a couple options at least. Just your logo and YouTube channel name on front (small) and back (large) would be awesome. Not too blatant on flat earth as to not alarm too many people of my “ignorance”. Ha!

  8. We have all been uploaded, categorized, labeled. and evaluated. There is no escape from the all-seeing eye because it s in our pockets. It watches our every move, catalogs our every keystroke, records our every word. It recognizes our face in an instant, knows where we go, what we buy and what we believe. It knows our fears and hopes. It hears our prayers. This technological Orwellian poltergeist is just the means to monitor our compliance however. It is being tied into a digital currency system that will be used against us like the Chinese social credit gulag is being used to destroy certain Chinese at this very moment. Don't comply with the beasts worship directives and your account will be closed permanently. The question is who IS the beast and what is his mark? This is the most important question facing us and will be the only thing of consequence from this day forward. All of our efforts must focus on answering those questions because there will be a great deception so powerful that even the elect could be fooled if it were possible. The end times are the most written about period in the Bible and Jesus gave us warnings. Pray that you will be saved from the hour of temptation, the hour in which you face the sword or the guillotine or worse if you do not deny Jesus, and bow to the beast.
    Few will willingly obey or worship him but almost all will obey some antichrist law that seems innocuous enough, but will trigger the trapdoor to the lake of fire if obeyed. Obedience is a form of worship btw. The savior said "he who loves his life will lose it, and he who loses his life for my name's sake shall save it. These are no days for cowards and I pray that I will have the courage to endure til the end. With Gods help I will and so will you all.


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